Mooed for groaning.

California Chick-fil-A franchise had 3 cow mascot costumes stolen from shed this week. What an udder nightmare.


Headline  – “Cavs feel disrespected as #1 seed.” Guessing game 1’s close call against the Pacers  isn’t going to do much to disabuse that notion.


Ohio State spring inter-squad spring football game attendance today – 80,134. And guessing more of them stayed until the end until most 49ers fans during a regular game.


Arrests were made when protestors & supporters clashed at pro-Trump rally in Berkeley. And who saw that coming? #ifonlytheywerearmed

Not sure how many of the local Berkeley protesters were arrested for taking down Trump fans. But after their release on bail maybe some of the more successful ones might be offered tryouts for the Cal football team?

Well played SNL for  TRULY live tonight. Probably better ratings too as West Coast viewers can’t sometimes say “meh reviews, going to bed.,,,”


Although Melissa McCarthy may be one of the few liberal Americans wishing that Spicer stays on. #jobsecurity




Casey Anthony is reportedly pregnant again. This might make even the most ardent conservatives question defunding Planned Parenthood.

VP Mike Pence and wife Karen in Seoul. CNN photos show her wearing leggings. Guess they didn’t travel on United Airlines.


Trump has been quiet about North Korea failed missile launch. Maybe he doesn’t want to think about idea of blowing something up & failing?

Reports are that when he visits England this fall, Trump has indicated that he wants to ride, not in a motorcade, but in the Queen’s Coronation carriage.   Well, it makes a certain amount of sense for a President who has clearly shown that starting now,  leadership should be hereditary.

Apparently Melania Trump and Barron ill be moving into the White House this summer, and FLOTUS has hired an interior decorator. Based on Trump Tower pictures, that interior decorator may make Americans long for the days of just spending money on NY security.

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