Feel the power.

Yeah!  Massero’s home run against Colorado tonight now means that SF Giants left fielders have half as many home runs as Madison Bumgarner.



A jury found Aaron Hernandez not guilty in his most recent murder trial. Does that mean the Patriots might offer him another contract?

The Seattle Mariners have sold out of toasted grasshoppers in each of their first three home games. Just wondering, how many beers on average has each buyer of grasshoppers consumed?

So is saying a radio station plays “adult hits” somehow supposed to make us feel younger than calling it an oldies station?

United Airlines’ pilots union has issued a letter saying they were “infuriated” over the O’Hare incident: “this occurred on one of our contracted Express carriers, separately owned and operated by Republic Airline, and was ultimately caused by the grossly inappropriate response by the Chicago Department of Aviation.”
Guess they didn’t need to add “and this isn’t helping our stock and thus pensions.”

United say they will  stop having police take psgrs from planes. Instead w/ overbooked flts they’ll send all on board & play airline Hunger Games?


Delta Airlines apparently will now authorize employees to offer up to almost $10,000 in compensation to give up seats on overbooked flights. Will this be known internally as the “Take that, United rule”?


State Rep. Cecil Bell Jr. is trying to pass a law allowing Texas to declare federal laws, rules and court decisions unconstitutional and unenforceable in the state..

Can’t they just secede and make us all happy?


The Texas State Supreme Court struck down a request by “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch, to get out of prison a year early.
Who says there’s no bipartisan agreement in this country?
“I feel so sorry for him.” said nobody.

So Canada already has Justin Trudeau and now they add legalized marijuana?. Now that’s just piling on.

Trump loves publicity & signing ceremonies, but he signed bill allowing states to defund #PlannedParenthood in private, #Profilesincowardice

North Korea’s Vice Minister Han Song Ryol told AP that the country has determined that Trump administration is “more vicious and more aggressive” than Obama’s. What was their first clue?


Trump, who’s been attacking NATO regularly,  “I said it was obsolete, it’s no longer obsolete.”  So on top of all his other “successes” Trump has now made NATO great again?

Melania Trump flew down separately with Barron from New York to join Donald in Mar-a-Lago for Easter.   At a cost to taxpayers of over $100,000.   Even now might it have been cheaper to have her and Secret Service fly United and pay whatever other passengers demanded to give up their seats?

Then Melania will head up to DC, possibly with a stop in New York, certainly returning to New York, for the annual White House Easter Egg hunt Monday.

Even Woody Hall is going, hmm, do we really need the eggs?  (Annie Hall joke for youngsters.)

Trump is being uncharacteristic vague about whether he personally authorized #MOAB strike. Translation – he wants to make sure it’s popular and doesn’t backfire






Trump refuses to release White House visitor logs to public. No GOP outcry. They do realize there might be another Dem President someday?



From T.C.  Tim Tebow has now homered twice in the minors. He is not so happy with his fielding though, complaining that his throws from the outfield to home plate keep getting intercepted by the shortstop or second baseman.

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One Comment on “Feel the power.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    North Korea says they are prepared to go to war with America. They also announced that no one in their military has had any problems with “bone spurs”.

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