Egged on?

Hope everyone had a happy Easter. And enjoy Monday – “Half-price chocolate bunny day.”

On perhaps a less exciting note, it’s also national “egg-salad sandwich for lunch day.”

Golden State Warriors probably figured they only needed to play one quarter to beat  Trailblazers. Fans might have preferred they made it the first.

On the other hand, television advertisers want to thank the Warriors for keeping it close enough not to have viewers turn off the fourth quarter.

Golden State considered to have 99% probability of beating Portland in their series.  Hardcore Trail Blazer fans going  “So you are saying there’s a chance?”

Early days but 2017  SF Giants seem to be able experts at playing JUST poorly enough to lose .

SF Giants  don’t look like themselves this spring. But San Jose Sharks are in their usual playoff form.

Per the Wall Street Journal United’s CEO Oscar Munoz has “pledge to empower gate agents and other employees to use their common sense to defuse tense interactions.” Good idea. If common sense were only more common.

#BeeGees trending. You know you’re getting older when your first thought, oh, no, did Barry die too?

Apparently Melania & Barron to move to White House this summer. But where will Trump spend his summer weekends? Guessing not DC or Florida

Trump now tweeting “Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem? We will see what happens!”

So when the problem gets “solved” they go back to being manipulators?

(Someone HAS told the President China might have people who read English and follow him on Twitter?)

One of Trump’s Easter tweets: “Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!”

Says the man already fundraising for 2020 & still slamming Hillary.

“The world is made for those not cursed w/ self-awareness.”   Annie Savoy in Bull Durham

CNN reports Donald Trump has already spent over $6 million in 2017’s first quarter on his 2020 campaign. Including payments of nearly “$200,000 for rent at Trump Tower in New York City; nearly $14,000 for rental and catering services at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas; more than $8,700 to Trump Restaurants LLC in New York City, also for rental and catering services; and more than $3,600 for lodging at Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC”.
The disclosures also show that last December, the campaign spent more than $58,000 for what was categorized as lodging at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, nearly $22,000 for lodging at Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, and, in late-November and December of last year, about $2,500 for lodging at Trump’s Washington hotel.
Although I’m this doesn’t benefit him personally. #MakeAmericaGreedyAgain?

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