Play ball!

Anyone but me still having a hard time getting adjusted to hearing “Defending World Champion Chicago Cubs?” #OpeningDay


Another March Madness draws to close. Now the real challenge, getting millions of Americans as thoughtful & involved w/ voting as their brackets.

Wonder how many turned #SouthCarolina #Gonzaga game off at half figuring it was over. & Zags had won. They were right. Sort of. #FinalFour

And thousands of youth basketball coaches have the all time video to illustrate the lesson “box out.”. #Oregon #UNC #FinalFour

James Harden claims Draymond Green punched him on his sore wrist last night Green responded He pinched me, so I punched his wrist,” Green said. “That’s pretty much it. He does it often actually, which is kind of adolescent, but whatever.”
Six words. “Thank God Opening Day is Sunday.”

Feel for Jon Samuelson at Women’s Final Four.  He’s the  dad of Connecticut’s KatieLou & Stanford’s Karlie.   He was stressed about conflicting loyalties. But had to assume at least 1 daughter in final

April Fool’s Day was a lot more fun when America didn’t have daily Presidential tweets rivaling any absurdity we could come up with.

Maybe if Ivanka & Jared really want to do a holy thing on Sabbath they could take her dad’s phone with them when they go offline for day

A homeless man was arrested & charged with arson in connection with the collapse of Atlanta’s I-85. So our infrastructure is in such wobbly shape terrorists don’t need bombs they can just set fires under freeways?

And just guessing this homeless man will now end up with state-paid, and mandated, housing for from 5- to 15 years.


As GOP tries to become party with best circular firing squad, maybe Democrats could stop infighting long enough to watch?

The NY Times reports Bill O’Reilly or Fox have paid $13 million to five women since 2002 over sexual harrassment complaints “in exchange for agreeing to not pursue litigation or speak about their accusations against him.”
O’Reilly says it’s just because of his “high-profile job” that makes him “vulnerable.” Right, because every male celebrity pays out this kind of money regularly? #SMH

Now there are reports security experts are worried about laptop bombs, which could lead to more restrictions in bringing them on planes. So we’re already spending over $7 billion a year on TSA, waiting hours in lines, can’t bring toiletries, bottled water or wine with us, and now we may not be able to work or entertain children on planes.
In many ways the terrorists have already won. #fearitself

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