We don’t need no stinkin’ DH.

Can Madbum play left field when he doesn’t pitch for the SF GIants? And bat fourth?

One of Bumgarner’s two 400 plus foot home runs was against Zack Greinke.  Clayton Kershaw has to be really happy the Dodgers didn’t open against the Giants.


Two blown SF Giants save in one game. Too soon to talk about the curse of Casilla?

This was not been a good opening day for closers. (Rodney, Melancon and Oh all gave up runs in the 9th)  Can we blame Trump?

MLB Opening Day, firs game is Yankees – Rays?  In St. Pete.   What? The Red Sox didn’t want to risk their opener being snowed out?

Derrick Rose is out for the rest of the NBA season. Making him luckier than Knicks season ticket holders.

So a TV viewer watching Saturday”s 3rd round of the ANA Inspiration LPGA golf tournament on tape-delay Sunday contacted officials to say Lexi Thompson had very slightly moved her ball after marking it before putting for a tap-in. Thompson was then, while leading by 2, at the 14th hole of the final round, assessed a 4 shot penalty, 2 strokes of which were signing the suddenly wrong 3rd round scorecard. She ended up tying for the lead but losing in a playoff.
I don’t want to hear that the balk rule is the stupidest in pro sports ever again.

As GOP tries to become party with best circular firing squad, maybe Democrats could stop infighting long enough to watch?

Trump says “surveillance and leaks” are the problem. I suppose he thinks @washingtonpost & Deep Throat were the problem with Watergate

Nikki Haley today “Certainly, I think Russia was involved in the election. There’s no question about that,”
Is Haley bidding to be President Pence’s VP choice?


Jared Kushner is in Iraq right now. Trying to find a location for a Trump/Scion hotel Baghdad?

Trump today in an interview with the Financial Times “Yeah, I don’t lose.” #alternativevictories?


More Trump to the Financial Times  “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.” Well, sure, now that Trump’s already used his plan to beat ISIS.

A newspaper in Juarez, Mexico says it is shutting down because too many journalists have been murdered. So yes, media attacks can get worse.



From Alex Kaseberg  “A survey shows the number of older women binge drinking has increased significantly. Asked to comment, Hillary Clinton said, “Shut up and do a Jager shot.”



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2 Comments on “We don’t need no stinkin’ DH.”

  1. Neal Says:

    Can Madbum play left field when he doesn’t pitch for the SF GIants? And bat fourth?

    Why do they still pitch to him like they’re pitching to a pitcher?

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