Keep on keeping on.

5-time Olympic gold-medal swimmer Dana Vollmer, 6 months pregnant, plans to race in 50-meter freestyle next month. Weaker sex my ass.

Wonder if Vollmer might actually have an advantage – swimming in the carpool lane?


Tiger Woods says he will not be ready to play in #TheMasters. A shame that Tiger doesn’t feel able even to play two rounds of golf.

Just what college sports needs, another all #SEC championship. Seriously,  congrats to #MississippiState, ending #UConn 111 game win streak in the NCAA Women’s Final Four.

Probably more people had Gonzaga,  South Carolina, Oregon and UNC in the men’s final four than had South Carolina vs Mississippi State in the women’s final.

Apparently the entire coal mining industry in this country employs few workers than Arby’s.  And moreover, as customers know,  Arby’s is a more consistent source of cheap gas.

Crayola is replacing Dandelion with a bluish color. So hey, can we say Trump is starting to turn America blue again? #NewCrayonColors

Got it, investigations into Russia & election are “witch hunts.” Investigations into Hillary are still necessary & important. #sarcasm

#Uniglo says they will leave the US if Trump insists on “Made in America” products. No more cheap cashmere sweaters? This is serious.

Holland America will drop cruise ship port calls in Acapulco over fears of violence. But their ships will still stop in Los Angeles.

Trump should REALLY be angry at the guy who got this whole #SenateIntelHearing started by accusing Obama of wiretapping.

If V.P Mike  Pence feels it’s inappropriate to have dinner alone with a woman without his wife present fine. But really to avoid all appearances of impropriety why doesn’t he also eschew having dinner alone with other men?

Condoleezza Rice met with Trump today in the White House, after reportedly meeting privately with Pence earlier. So presume due to the VP’s beliefs no food or drink was served?

#FoxNews upset “private citizens” affiliated w/ Trump “wrongly unmasked…for political purposes.” Funny, I clearly missed their outrage over Valerie Plame.

Pretty clear if Trump had social media during Watergate he’d be tweeting calls for prison time -for John Dean & “Deep Throat.”

Jon Stewart would be proud. Trevor Noah on @TheDailyShow “Paul Ryan has turned into such a pussy it’s amazing Trump hasn’t grabbed him yet.”

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