An ill wind

The #1 seed Jayhawks, who’d breezed through their first three games,  were upset in basically a home game in Kansas City by Oregon.  Last time things were so unexpectedly turned around for Kansas, a tornado and witches were involved.

So two of the Final Four men’s basketball teams  are from the West Coast. Are we sure this result can’t be negated by the electoral college?

Xavier vs Gonzaga and Kansas vs Oregon for berths in Final Four and the games were on… TBS?   This is the same television brilliance MLB uses to grow their fan base.

Another disappointing night for NBA fans, the #Knicks weren’t resting their starters

Knicks center Joakim Noah, who hasn’t played in over a month, was suspended 20 games by the NBA for a banned supplement. Well, Barnum & Bailey Ringling Bros may be gone, but the circus is alive and well at Madison Square Garden..

(and then after the Knicks outscored the Spurs by 14 in the 3rd to cut the lead to 4…. well, anyone but me want to hear what Popovich really said to his team during the break?)

Roger Goodell in a letter to Oakland’s mayor said he thinks the city has yet to find “a viable solution” to keeping the Raiders. And then no doubt when the 3rd NFL team moves in the last two years Goodell will no doubt proclaim the importance of fan loyalty.

Oops, ads congratulating GOP on repealing Obamacare actually aired last night. Did they also congratulate Super Bowl Champ Atlanta Falcons?

Kris Jenner is apparently shopping a new Kardashian cartoon. Wait, aren’t the Kardashians already a cartoon?

A man was taken into custody after shooting two people, one fatally, on a bus in Las Vegas today, shutting down the Strip for hours. Police say it was not terrorism. But the horror, thousands of people couldn’t get to their sports books and slot machines.

Trump tweet “ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!”
Just wondering, now that he’s in charge, why didn’t Trump offer that “great healthcare plan” the first time?

Dems & GOP now both realizing, it’s a lot easier to be united against legislation than it is actually to craft such legislation.

Trump “we learned a lot about loyalty.” Yep, Amazing thing, when you throw people under buses they don’t usually recover & bring you flowers.

As Ivanka moves into White House office wonder again how many voted against Hillary thinking  one family shouldn’t have that much power.

Joe Biden, on his decision not to run:, “I regret not being President right now.”

And millions of Americans are thinking “Not as much as WE regret you not being President right now.”

Mike Pence said today Trump “won’t rest” until Obamacare is dismantled. Right and Trump’s time on the golf course will be as helpful as OJ’s was in his search for the real killers.

Trump loves celebrities and social media. But maybe he shouldn’t have used Charlie Sheen as a role model for #Winning?
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One Comment on “An ill wind”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    When you make something complicated like a machine or a software program, no matter how carefully you plan and then build it something will go wrong. So, when something does break you try to fix it and hopefully you do not break anything else. In most cases, you DO NOT START FROM SCRATCH.

    The Affordable Care Act is very complex and it is not perfect. So, the Republicans need to swallow their pride, and the Democrats need to stop smirking, and to WORK TOGETHER to fix the broken parts.

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