Healthcare bridge, one no Trump?

Lonzo says he is one-and-done at UCLA. In related news, Trumpcare never had a realistic chance and water is wet.

Meanwhile, the only exciting game out of Friday night’s Sweet Sixteen matchups – Wisconsin vs Florida – finished after midnight on the east coast.  So maybe NCAA with basketball really is considering themselves a major professional sport.

Pirates infielder Jung Ho Kang may miss the 2017 MLB season due to his being denied a US visa, possibly due to a DUI arrest. Yep, if you want to be a star athlete who drinks and drives, you better be born here in the USA.

Today is #NationalCheesesteakDay To be followed tomorrow by National EKG day?

USA Today reports that Baywatch’s David Hasselhoff now has his own cruise will host a five-night “fan cruise” this Fall on Costa Cruises. Think someone could manage to push him into a lifeboat?

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier was convicted today of one count of child endangerment. He had chosen not to report Sandusky to the state Department of Public Welfare, despite the report from Mike McQueary about seeing him in the showers with a young boy. Apparently Spanier plans to appeal. On what grounds? That he thought he was running a Catholic university?

CNN reports Trump aide says President “agitated” by Trumpcare bill process which he thinks is all “political.”   Hello…it’s politics.

GOP just changed their Trumpcare Facebook status to “It’s complicated.”

Is even Paul Ryan starting to think he might have been better off with Hillary in the White House


If GOP willing to eliminate all gender based healthcare from coverage with Trumpcare we could talk. Prostrate exams & ED drugs to start.

Curiously enough, pulling out is also the GOP’s new birth control strategy. #KilltheBill

Sean Spicer  “If you’re an older man, you can generally say you’re not going to need maternity care.” So how old was Trump when Barron was born?

Right about now, Obama might be forgiven a small smirk.

Paul Ryan “We’re going to be living w/ Obamacare for the foreseeable future.” Well, better than dying w/ Trumpcare in the foreseeable future.

While Dems celebrate, if some party leaders or wannabe leaders have ideas to tweak Obamacare, it  would be excellent time to put them forward.

Amazing that Trump just didn’t rename #Obamacare & take the credit. Though no doubt that’s his plan B.


Trump today “when you get no votes from the other side, it’s a very difficult situation.” And how big is @BarackObama’s smile right now?

You’d think with such small hands Trump wouldn’t be so quick to point his small fingers?


Thinking Ryan had a lot more fun when he could blame all the GOP failures on Obama.

Latest leak #fakenews CNN reports Trump is upset that his son-in-law and senior adviser was not around during this crucial week.” (Jared and family were skiing in Aspen.)
Actually this one has the ring of truth, if Trump is angry, it wouldn’t be at himself, or heaven forbid his perfect daughter.

Trump now to a Wash Post reporter “As you know, I’ve been saying for years that the best thing is to let Obamacare explode and then go make a deal with the Democrats and have one unified deal.”

So if that’s the best thing, why have wasted all this precious time and effort trying to get Trumpcare through? Why not have used the HUGE power of the Presidency to tell Ryan to stand down weeks ago? #alternativerationalizations

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6 Comments on “Healthcare bridge, one no Trump?”

  1. Chaunce Ball Says:

    Prostrate exams … really? Now it’ll have to be “Stand up straight, then bend way over”

  2. tc in bc Says:

    LeBron is listed as questionable for the Cavs game tonight. When asked how many more games he’s planning to miss this season, he replied, “not 1, not 2, not 3…..”

  3. mixelito24 Says:

    And with the Republicans in control of Congress for the last few years, they could have offered to compromise some real amending to the ACA instead of just opposition

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