What were the odds?

Roger Goodell seems to be so much in favor ot the #Raiders going to #LasVegas you almost wonder what kind of odds he got on the move.

Didn’t really care between #SouthCarolina & #Florida. But going to miss watching Canyon Barry shoot underhanded free throws. @NBA take note

This year’s Final Four features all teams from coastal states – Washington, Oregon and the Carolinas. No team from the Midwest or Kentucky.  Is this somehow still  Obama’s fault?


In Lexington, University of Kentucky students rioted after losing their Elite 8 March Madness game by lighting things on fire and chanting “f–k UNC” Just imagine what they might have done if the Wildcats had won?


Tara Vanderveer would probably think coaching #Stanford men’s basketball would be at best a lateral move, but Cardinal could use her. #WomensFinalFour

United denied boarding to girls wearing… leggings?  But hey, it’s an about an  offensive look they should refuse many male tourists boarding in shorts.

And okay, I get it, the girls were employee children and there is a dress code when using free tickets. But United’s Twitter feed didn’t try to strike a conciliatory or explanatory town, just doubled down on the airline’s “conditions of carriage”  #wannagetaway?

Whoever is running #United‘s Twitter account is doing a good enough PR job to be considered for position as assistant to Sean Spicer


Uber halted self-driving car testing in Phoenix following crash involving 1 of their SUVs. Cars still probably safer than most snowbirds.

15 people shot, 1 fatally in #Cincinnati. Not terrorism, just a good old-fashioned American night with guns. Move along nothing to see here.

John Kasich on a possible 2020 Presidential run “I’m not really interested in running for political office again. You don’t close the door on anything, but I don’t have my eyes on that.”
Translation, only if I think I can win.

Wait, Kellyanne Conway gets called out on ethics violations, justifiably for promoting Ivanka’s clothes & then President tells us to “Watch @JudgeJeanine on @FoxNews?” #WTF

Reince Priebus “I think it’s time to potentially get a few moderate Democrats on board as well.” Does he think they’ll be easier to bully?

Now talk of Trump trying to work w/ Dems. Yeah, it’s going to go real well when Bannon says “You have no choice you have to vote for this bill.”

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