Lesser evils

Chicago Cubs going to White House Monday instead of usual WS champion mid-season visit. So, White Sox Obama fan vs Trump?. No contest.

There are no style points in field goal kicks. #Packers #MasonCrosby

Joe Buck  at one point today in today’s Green Bay Dallas game “and #Rodgers throws it away…. complete to Cobb.” Good to know Buck is as competent on football as he is on baseball.


The deflater vs the rapist. In #AFCChampionship can we root for an ice storm? #PITvsNE


All these imperfect AFC playoff teams & games really painful to watch for @Raiders fans who must wonder w/ Derek Carr what might have been.


Meanwhile #SF49ers interviewing Tom Cable. Those @49ers fans who’ve been saying “Cheer up, it could be worse” might be about to be proved right.

SF 49ers are considering Tom Cable as head coach. Yep, the same Tom Cable who was fired by Al Davis over domestic violence allegations, after Cable had broken his assistant coach’s jaw with a punch. Five words “Winning with class my ass.”

If #DallasCowboys really are America’s team this is not a good omen for #Inauguration week.

ESPN reported Ezekiel Elliott has received follow-up questions about his domestic violence case from July, and he is “still in the process of responding.” So there will be no resolution before the Super Bowl. I am shocked, said nobody paying attention to the NFL.

(actually wonder now with the Green Bay win if the process will suddenly miraculously speed up so any possible suspension would be over sooner in 2017.)


A Vermont University study of 16,000 people over 23 years found that regularly eating hotl peppers found to reduce the chance of dying by 13%

I’m gonna live forever!

The latest celebrity to back out of  Trump Inaugural is Andrea Bocelli. Guess he could finally see that performing was a bad idea?   #bustohell


Trump says his Obamacare replacement plan is “all but finished.” He’ll unveil it just as soon as he defeats ISIS & releases his tax returns.

Donald Trump  canceled MLK holiday visit to African American History museum. Maybe he just realized the museum honored than just MLK?

Trump tweet early Sunday am  “@NBCNews is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!”
So good that the enormity of the oath he is about to take has Trump beginning to focus on the really important things:

Reince Priebus today stated of Walter Shaub, who has been criticizing Trump, that “the head of the government ethics ought to be careful, because that person is becoming extremely political.”

But maybe Shaub has ambitions of becoming director of the FBI?




From T.C.  “The field at Arrowhead Stadium looked good. Those rented Zambonis did a great job.”



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