Missed it by THAT much.

Six of the first eight NFL playoff games in the books.  .Only Green Bay-Dallas, and Pittsburgh-Kansas City left.

And here’s the real burning question –  will either game be the first this postseason to be decided by less than two touchdowns?


So after that performance will Jed York and 49ers try to make a trade for Brock Osweiler? #HOUvsNE

Love rooting for old men in professional sports. Don’t love that 34 years old is considered old. #DevinHester #SEAvsATL

San Antonio Spurs played in Mexico City tonight. With all the foreign players on the team and what Popovich has said about Trump, good thing we don’t have the wall yet. The President- Elect might not let them back in.

#RinglingBros circus to close after 146 years. Because they couldn’t possibly compete with the daily circus in Washington?

Thinking right about now USA really really misses Walter Cronkite.

American Apparel is closing all its stores. “Sad, but what’s American Apparel?” said everyone over 30.

R.I.P. Dick Gautier, 85 ,Hymie the Robot, in “Get Smart.” Right about now we could use someone like him against KAOS. “People hate, robots love.”

Trump’s latest Twitter barrage was to attack Rep. John Lewis, who said he wasn’t an legitimate president. He said Lewis was “all talk talk talk, no action.”
Have news for the soon to be Tweeter-in-chief. “Bloody Sunday” doesn’t refer to something involving Megyn Kelly.

Jennifer Holliday , who won a Tony for Dreamgirls, has backed out performing at the inaugural, and apologized to the LGBT community, saying she does not support the President-Elect. Standby for Trump tweeting that the Tony’s are overrated.

New reports are that Donald Trump allegedly invited Miss Hungary to his hotel room after attending the 2013 Miss Universe pageant. Of course maybe this is shameless fake news attempt by Trump to curry favor with Bill Clinton.

Sen. James Inhofe defended Donald Trump’s comparison of leaking intelligence agencies to Nazi Germany. “Sure, those are his words. He has a sense of humor. Isn’t that strange?”

I think i liked “Springtime for Hitler.” better.

Donald Trump told the WSJ that he may lift Obama’s sanctions against Russia. And that he was open to meeting President Putin after he is inaugurated. Well, finally, some things where folks on both sides of the aisle believe him.



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One Comment on “Missed it by THAT much.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    The field at Arrowhead Stadium looks good. Those rented Zambonis did a great job.

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