The wrong choice?

So at this point it’s a tight battle for least-wanted gig in USA: performer at Trump inaugural or coach for 49ers.

The Warriors destroyed Cavs tonight in their latest NBA preseason game.

Apparently Las Vegas sports books really took a bath on this weekend’s NFL playoff games. And most Americans feel about as sorry for them as they do for the Cowboys.

When Cubs showed up at White House, Obama tells them “it took you long enough, I’ve only got 4 days left.” #IamgoingtomissthisPresident


ESPN reports that in November, two bettors placed a $300 bet on Green Bay and planned to roll their bet over as long as the team kept winning… through the Super Bowl. Their ticket is now worth over $28,000 and will be worth over $76,000 if the Packers beat the Falcons. They then would bet the money on Green Bay against the AFC champion. Guess they figure the $76k wouldn’t be quite enough for them to afford Super Bowl tickets.

Now scalpers are apparently losing money on Inaugural tickets that they can’t sell. So will Trump spin this as making it more affordable?

Had Martin Luther King Jr. survived he’d be only 88 years old. Would Trump have attacked him on Twitter as “talk talk talk no action”? #MLKDAY

Just deleted lots of emails about #MLKDAY sales Thinking when #MLK said “I have a dream” he maybe wasn’t thinking about shoes half off?

With plagiarism charges mounting Monica Crowley steps down from Trump adminstration post Maybe still room on Melania’s speechwriting team?

It’s #TheBachelor time again. Ah, those innocent days when watching Americans make bad choices just involved a soon-to-be broken engagement.

Now scalpers are apparently losing money on Inaugural tickets that they can’t sell. So will Trump spin this as making it more affordable?

Credit where credit is due: Trump on Fox & Friends in 2014 , ‘Russia’s our biggest problem.”

For all those who have been complaining that Donald Trump is spending the last few days that he could be preparing to be Commander in Chief doing stupid stuff like attacking SNL, the President-Elect is moving on…. Now he’s found another network to attack:

“@CNN, of all places, is doing a Special Report on my daughter, Ivanka. Considering it is CNN, can’t imagine it will be great!”

But seriously,  while Trump is threatening to put tariffs on companies who move jobs out of the country, what about penalties on companies who, to increase profits, insist on hiring most employees at under-full time hours without benefits? If he REALLY wanted to MAGA….

And another serious thought:  Yes, MLK and Selma and the “I have a dream” speech were half a century ago. But when an African-American man gets beaten in Evanson, IL for breaking into his OWN car, and when the Voting Rights Act is being gutted across the country, and when 13% of the American population is African-American, but they make up 35-37% of inmates, well it’s kind of a stretch to say we are in a post-racial society.

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2 Comments on “The wrong choice?”

  1. JD in PA Says:

    If I’m Monica Crowley, I’m going to be sitting at my kitchen table staring into space for the next month or so. I mean, really, PLAGIARISM is what embarrasses this administration? Not sexual assault. Not racism. Not swindling poor people out of their tuition money or taking away their health care. Not using your office for financial gain. Not playing footsie with Vladimir Putin. Hell, at least I read …

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