Too soon

So first today we lost Florence Henderson and now Fidel Castro?   Guess even Communist dictators have a hard time imagining life without Carol Brady.

The story of a lovely lady…. R.I.P Florence Henderson. There goes another piece of our childhoods.


Or maybe Castro couldn’t face the thought of Trump being the U.S. President who might attend his funeral?


Convenient of #FidelCastro to have died after Obama lifted some restrictions: Americans can now legally toast his memory with Cuban rum.


So yesterday Colin Kaepernick praised Fidel Castro and today the Cuban leader is dead. You mean that’s all it took

That moment when you realize #DakPrescott is interfering with your lifelong hatred of the #DallasCowboys

Instead of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” CNN in Boston last night apparently aired 30 minutes of porn. In related news, a record number of men asked their wives on what channel they could find the Food Network.



How American: a day of giving thanks for all we have, then a day to go out & buy a lot more stuff. #thanksgiving #blackfriday

What’s wrong with this headline? “Ageless actress Christina Applegate turns 45 years old.” Yeah, she’s positively ancient. #sarcasm

Robin Van Ert, who had an extramarital affair with Bo Ryan, when he was men’s basketball coach at Wisconsin, and then wrote the university that Ryan had misused funds during the affair, has filed a federal lawsuit.. She claims among other things that because Wisconsin released her name she has suffered “severe emotional and physical distress and illness, loss of privacy, harm to her reputation, loss of business and has incurred substantial damages and legal fees.”
RIght, so now with this lawsuit millions of people who have either forgotten or never heard about Van Ert and the affair in the first place, will now really remember her name.


That moment when you realize that with alternative being #RudyGiuliani that #MittRomney doesn’t seem so bad as a possible Secretary of State


Trump having hard time getting entertainers for inaugural. But hey, no problem #TedNugent & replays of #theApprentice. It will be HUGE.


So in 2017 expect @realDonaldTrump declare day after Thanksgiving to be “Orange Friday. And it will be HUGE, the best shopping day ever….


Okay whatever you think about our two major party candidates this Presidential election, this fact remains: All the hacking, all the released emails, all the fake news, whether it was done by a foreign government or just mostly foreign rogue hackers, was ALL in support of a single candidate. And that in and of itself should be very scary.

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