Amateur hour


Notre Dame ended season 4-8, and got cited for academic misconduct, so coach Brian Kelly’s job might be in jeopardy.
Hmm, could be a perfect fit for Jed York and SF 49ers. #winningwithclass

Louisville lost to Kentucky,  and dealt a serious blow to Lamar Jackson’s Heisman hopes.  The last time a Heisman candidate lost to Kentucky, it was Charlie Ward  while playing basketball for FSU.  (march, 1993)

That moment when as much as you hate #OhioState, you kind of don’t want #TylerDurbin to miss since it would mess him up for life. #MICHvsOSU


Okay, moment has passed.   How do you claim a playoff spot when you can’t win your conference?

No California team in the Pac 12 championship this year. Who knew the only really decent team in the state might turn out to be the Raiders?


The #SFGiants are reportedly talking to the #RedSox about trading for Pablo Sandoval. So how do you unburn Panda hats & bridges?

So @realDonaldTrump tweeted out at 6:08am “Fidel Castro is dead.” Not at 3:00am. See, now that he’s  been elected, Trump already slacking off


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, had a tempered response to Castro’s death, calling him “controversial.” Ted Cruz angrily responded “Why do young socialists idolize totalitarian tyrants?”
And Trump is thinking “Ted’s saying “totalitarian tyrants like it’s a bad thing.”

Would have been interesting to see if #Trump would have met w/ #FidelCastro. Maybe not a communism fan but so “how’d you become a dictator?”

So which of your family members would YOU date if you weren’t related to them? #BadTopicsForHolidayParties


Trump called the recount effort “a scam.” Wait a minute, wasn’t he the one who was worried about the election being rigged?

NY Daily News headlne “Cops bust emotionally disturbed man who entered Trump Tower, claimed President-elect called him.”
“Time to go home now Mr. Giuliani.”

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