Happy Thanksgiving. Thankful to have so many wonderful friends and readers.  Even and especially if we disagree on some things – from trivial stuff like politics to important stuff like baseball.

But hey, aren’t we all a little nuts?



The pilgrims were a hardy lot. No football games or the prospect of Black Friday sales to keep them from falling into post Thanksgiving food comas.

If all of these companies were REALLY thankful for us on Thanksgiving they would take a one-day break from sending us junk email.

Next year will @realDonaldTrump order stores to close on #Thanksgiving so we can spend time w/ families and order gifts from his website?

New Yorkers are particularly thankful that Trump decided to spend #Thanksgiving in Florida. Thereby not making traffic any worse today.


“Whatever anyone says, I didn’t kiss Mommy. She wouldn’t have been my 1st choice. Nasty woman.” Santa Claus #TrumpaChristmasCarol


Apparently some folks were upset that Aretha Franklin sang a five-minute version of the national anthem in Detroit. Now, before the Super Bowl maybe, but really, who was in a hurry for a Vikings-Lions game to start?

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2 Comments on “Holidaze”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    Leave it to Joe Buck calling a Washington touchdown a “home run”.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Tokyo recorded it’s first November snowfall in over 50 years. This is not to be confused with the snow job that Boston suffered from Dice K’s Japanese agent when it paid over $100M to make him a Red Sox.

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