But where are the roses?

Anyone but me thinking all this courting and drama around NBA free agents, with very little of importance actually happening, is not that different from watching “The Bachelor/Bachelorette – without all the televised make-out sessions?


So many mediocre players are making so much money with ‪#‎NBAFreeAgency‬ Kobe Bryant may un-retire.

Kevin Durant was apparently “blown away” by the Clippers. “Blown away, huh?” To “a place where there isn’t any trouble?” ‪#‎Somewhereovertherainbow‬ ‪#‎paynoattentiontothatmanbehindthe curtain?

At Wimbledon, American Sam Querrey stunned top-seeded Novak Djokovic. American sports fans are stunned too – there are still U.S. men playing professional tennis?

A new study indicates marijuana may e useful in the treatment of Alzheimers. Which could be great news, except for that little short-term memory issue – “Dude, where’s my walker?”

Sports experts always say that the ‪#‎SFGiants‬ can’t trade for big name players because they don’t have top prospects in their farm system. But the minor leaguers they keep pulling out of their hat are a major reason the team has won over 50 games.

Thieves near Milwaukee stole a semi-trailer full of cheese valued at $46,000. Well, clearly the cheese was not headed to Whole Foods, where $46,000 worth would have fit in an Austin Mini.



22 car wreck at the ‪#‎CokeZero400‬: Good news, no injuries, better news, NASCAR makes the ESPN highlights show.

Donald Trump said that the RNC has “asked him to speak all three nights (of the convention). I turned it down.” He says “I don’t want people to think I’m grandstanding.” Nope, more like people thinking the RNC couldn’t get anyone else.

Not sure what ‪#‎RNC‬ will do for convention speakers. Even Clint’s chair says ‪#‎Trump‬ doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

On a serious note, RIP Elie Wiesel. There are a lot of books you get assigned to read in high school and college that are forgettable. “Night” is not one of them.

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