Sad and not so sad story

Trevor Story, 23, has now become the first MLB rookie to hit home runs in his first four games. Story is starting only because Jose Reyes is serving a suspension under the new domestic abuse policy for an alleged incident with his wife last fall. So maybe mean bitch Karma is a baseball fan.

Mean bitch karma knows you NEVER pull someone pitching no-hitter, even & especially a kid in 1st ‪#‎MLB‬ start. ‪#‎Dodgers‬ ‪#‎Giants‬ ‪#‎Stripling‬

In Orlando, Dino Rentos Studios says they broke the record for the world’s largest bobblehead. Was it a life-size model of ‪#‎SFGiants‬ manager Bruce Bochy?



#‎SDPadres‬ act like an ‪#‎NLS‬ team with no scoring against ‪#‎Dodgers‬ for 3 games, & then an ‪#‎NFL‬ team today against ‪#‎Rockies‬ – 13-6 final.‪#‎WTF‬?

Ouch. It’s only the first week, and Chicago outfielder Kyle Schwarber is out for the season with a torn ACL and LCL in his left knee. Did someone put the Cubs on the cover of Sports Illustrated or something?

A California man scaled a 600-ft rock in Morro Bay to propose to his girlfriend via FaceTime. She said yes, but then her new fiance got stuck and had to be rescued by helicopter.
Guess she’s not marrying him for his brains.

New York City is expecting snow this weekend. Who to blame? Maybe too many Republicans said hell would freeze over before they endorsed Ted Cruz for the Presidency?

San Antonio rested their regulars tonight in Denver. Sometimes it’s good to be Gregg Popovich – having the Spurs kind of players probably means he doesn’t have to worry about them then overindulging in Colorado with room service brownies etc.

The NFL released their preseason schedule today. Surprised ESPN didn’t devote a four-hour long show to it.

A 28 year-old Texas middle school teacher has been arrested for sending nude photos to a former student, now in high school, on Snapchat. The boy reportedly deleted them but his friends sent screenshots around.
The woman was charged with misdemeanor distribution of harmful material to a minor. And presumably felony stupidity? ‪#‎nothingisprivateontheinternet‬.

Ted Cruz’s campaign manager said that if Donald Trump “doesn’t get over 50% in New York, he should probably consider dropping out.” Right, so how much did Ted Cruz get in Texas? 43.8%.

The NFL released their preseason schedule today. Surprised ESPN didn’t devote a four-hour long show to it.

Dianne Feinstein wrote an op-ed urging her colleagues to consider Judge Garland, saying his “long record of public service calls for fair consideration, open hearings and a vote. Refusal to do this would, in my judgment, only further diminish the Senate in the eyes of the American people.”
Although, really, can anyone further diminish the Senate than Ted Cruz?



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