Back to the future?

Marco Rubio, when asked about same-sex marriage, responded “I will appoint Supreme Court justices that will interpret the Constitution as originally constructed.” So Rubio’s going to look for justices who are in favor of owning slaves?

Pete Rose says he “accepts” Rob Manfred’s upholding his MLB ban – “You can’t rewrite something,” Wonder if Rose bet that would be the commissioner’s decision.


So for all those who think the ‪#‎Warriors‬ are invincible this year, remember this, they lost to a ‪#‎Bucks‬ team that c0uldn’t beat the ‪#‎Lakers‬.

Yasiel Puig was amongst a small group of players who returned to Cuba today as part of the first MLB trip to the island nation since 1999. And privately no doubt some in the Dodgers organization are thinking “Fidel, can you keep him?”

For anyone complaining on the East Coast about spring-like pre-Christmas weather, Denver residents and anyone with a flight scheduled to or through Denver International Airport on Tuesday have a brief message for you: STFU.

(The airport was been largely closed all day due to snow.)

United Airlines flight attendants will be picketing at 14 airports around the world Thursday to protest “unfair” contracts since the airline merged with Continental. So guessing the “Friendly Skies” will be even less friendly than usual this holiday season….

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan, whose Badgers are 7-5, said he is retiring effective immediately. And a whole lot of NFL and NBA coaches are going – so Ryan wants to quit while his team is over achieving?

Dallas owner Jerry Jones says the “Cowboys will not shut Dez Bryant down for the season.” Well, of course not. The teams Dallas has faced all year have already done that.

So all Los Angeles County schools have been closed and over 600,000 children sent home over a “credible” bomb threat. Well, not sure about terrorism, but a whole lot of smart kids who hate school just got some great future inspiration.

Who knows who was responsible for today’s terror threat in Los Angeles. But if they catch him or her perhaps the best punishment would be to lock them in a room with some LAUSD parents: Hell hath no fury like a mom or dad who just discovered they needed last-minute daycare.

The Mayor of Birmingham, AL, and a city councilor are apparently planning to press charges against each other after the two men got into a fight during a city council meeting last night, and both ended up in the hospital. ‪#‎ifonlytheywerearmed‬

A pro-John Kasich Super PAC has a new ad Pro-Kasich super PAC refers to Donald Trump as a “hippo-crit,” and uses a picture of a hippo to drive home the comparison. Okay, who thought that a hippo would be used in an attack ad against anyone but Chris Christie?

Anyone else thinking this ‪#‎GOPDebate‬ might have been a lot more fun if all the candidates were armed?


Arrgh. Watching the local news and a young local Republican woman talking about wanting a candidate who kept her safe from terrorism. Fine, okay. But then she said she didn’t want to go to see the Star Wars movie and worry about being shot.. Uh, did she forget who shot up that theater in Colorado?


So all this talk about terrorism and “people who want to kill us.” Guess I missed the part where the GOP candidates talked about how Americans who have been murdered by other Americans with no Muslim ties weren’t truly victims?



Ben Carson asked for a moment of silence tonight for the victims in San Bernardino. Now, no American really has a problem with that. But where were Carson’s requests for a moment of silence for the Planned Parenthood victims, or the children of Sandy Hook? ‪#‎politics‬ ‪#‎priorities‬


From T.C.  “Santa’s elves have a sense of humor, they are sending Jason Pierre-Paw a guitar for Christmas. He will probably regift it to Andy Dalton.”

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3 Comments on “Back to the future?”

  1. Neal Says:

    Anyone else thinking this ‪#‎GOPDebate‬ might have been a lot more fun if all the candidates were armed?

    With Super Soakers.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Does Donald Trump thinking that one day he will be The President of the United States qualify for “Daily Fantasy Game” status?

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