Darkness and light

It is way too soon to draw definite conclusions. But a CNN headline trumpets “Officials – San Bernardino killer in touch with terrorists.”
Thinking, if I were involved in anything awful, even as a victim, can just imagine what “officials” would say based on my varied Facebook friends and blog readers.

It’s sadly interesting to note that the suspects in the San Bernandino shooting had pipe bombs, along with all their guns and “5,000+ rounds of ammunition.” But the pipe bombs didn’t work. ‪#‎Gunsdontkillpeoplepeoplewithgunskillpeople‬ ‪#‎Otherthingskillpeoplebutgunskillthemfaster‬


Authorities in San Bernadino used a local golf course as a command post after the latest US mass shooting. But apparently this didn’t register with everyone. This from a police dispatcher 90 minutes after the shooting was report “Can you call the golf course office and ask them for people to stop golfing, there are still people out there golfing rounds.” ‪#‎priorities‬ ‪#‎focus

An ATF spokesman says that the guns used during the San Bernardino shooting were purchased legally in the United States, including two semi-automatic hand guns, and two assault rifles – the rifles apparently could fire ammunition that could pierce bulletproof vests.

But all four legal. Heck, I can’t even get more than one package of Sudafed legally at CVS.


Not surprisingly Fox News is referring to the shooters as “the Muslim couple who stormed a county social services office.” Maybe accurate, but how come Fox never referred to say, “the Christian man” who shot up Planned Parenthood, or the “Christian young man” who massacred people in that Charleston church?

Well, okay then, so there was a woman involved in the latest mass shootings. This is not the kind of equality many of us were hoping for.


But while we’re on the bus to hell. Who kills themselves, or goes on a risky “mission,” voluntarily with a baby?  Now parent of a teenager, that’s a different story?

Today this almost qualifies as a feel-good story. A South African appeals court overturned a manslaughter verdict and found Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder. ‪#‎betterlatethannever‬

On a lighter note on another sad night in the USA, today is the 23rd anniversary of the sending of the first telephone text message. Teenagers and 20 somethings are marvelling – it wasn’t that long ago we were in the Dark Ages?


More on a lighter note: The NBA has revealed the uniforms for the 2016 All-Star game, which are modeled after those worn in the first NBA game back in 1946. Wonder if for accuracy the league got help from the game memories of Tim Duncan?

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