Okay, I  understand why it’s redundant to talk about men in most sports jokes, as they do comprise a high percentage of top level athletes, especially professional athletes.

Alas, it seems even more redundant to talk about “male mass shooters.”

Understand that Zack Greinke is choosing between competing offers from the SF Giants and LA Dodgers. Now, it’s a big decision. But regarding a bidding war that comes down to money -once you have $200 million, even with California tax rates, can’t you buy anything you ever wanted? And feed your family to boot?

A new test by the AP shows that waters around Rio are dangerously polluted, in areas where they will do sailing, canoeing and rowing events. One thing for sure, this Olympics won’t have winning coxswains thrown into the water.

(Putin on the other hand, may have new motivation for Russian coxswains to make sure their crews do not lose.)



So so tired of asking if someone has heard about latest US mass shooting and hearing the response “which one?” ‪#‎tiredofbeingruledbytheNRA‬

Before the latest shooting, the GOP voted unanimously against bringing a bill to the House floor, the ” Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act,” which would bar gun sales to those on the government’s no-fly list. Land of the free and the home of the not-so-brave where the NRA is concerned?


Fox News not even hinting at color/religion etc of San Bernadino domestic terrorists. So safe to assume they’re probably non-Muslim white men.



Today’s mass shooting took place at a Southern California center for people with developmental disabilities. Waiting for the NRA to say those patients should all be armed

A miracle has occurred, the 76ers won a game and are now 1-18. Since they play in the NBA’s Eastern Conference that means Philadelphia should be right in the playoff hunt.


You know how bad it’s been for the Eagles and 76ers when Philadelphia fans are eagerly looking forward to spring training and the Phillies..

Yahoo is apparently thinking of selling its “core business.” Shocking. Yahoo still has a “core business?”

On a cheerier note, the November ADP report topped expectations, with private employers adding 217,000 jobs, better than 190,000 forecast. Last month’s gains were also revised up by 14,000 to 196,000. ‪#‎IblameObama‬

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