Just say no

Donald Trump now says he won’t show up at CNN’s next debate unless the network donates $5 million to “Wounded Warriors.” Here’s an idea, why don’t Americans collectively chip in $6 million only if he promises to stay home and shut up.


Just wonder, what would Trump say if Hillary Clinton demanded that for her to participate in the next debate, CNN would need to donate $5 million to Planned Parenthood

Boston has apparently come to terms with pitcher David Price on a 9 year, $217 million contract. And presumably after watching the 2015 Red Sox, Price figures the contract comes with the added inducement of limited post-season pressure.


A prominent African-American pastor in Baltimore is slamming his colleagues who support Donald Trump by referring to them as “prostitutes.” Prompting an immediate demand for an apology – from prostitutes.

Apparently retail sales this holiday season are disappointing so far. Can’t imagine why customers haven’t gotten excited about Black Friday, post- Black Friday, pre-Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday, extended Cyber Monday etc. sales…. ‪#‎whydonttheyjustcallthemthecryingwolfsales‬?

60 years ago today Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Can just imagine what today’s GOP presidential candidates would have said about it in real time. ‪#‎blamethemedia‬ ‪#‎blameObama‬.

The Marlins might hire Barry Bonds as a hitting coach. Hate to say it, but had Don Mattingly had Bonds in Los Angeles, maybe the Dodgers’ offseason would have started later.


QB Josh McCown was injured late in the Browns Monday night loss with a collarbone injury. Given Johnny Manziel’s antics, I think even atheists might be calling for Tebow.


Ted Cruz, asked in Iowa about making contraception available for women. “Last I checked, we don’t have a rubber (sic) shortage in America.”
Am a former resident of Toronto, but is Cruz, 44, on top of just proving he is too stupid to be President, also proving he is too old, or too British/Canadian to be President.

(“rubber” in Canada when I was a kid was slang for condom.”)

And presumably if Cruz actually paid attention to Planned Parenthood instead of just using them as a political football, he might have seen the PP stats that indicate condoms alone are a long way from the most reliable way to prevent pregnancy.


LeBron James is saying now that he regrets that he didn’t meet Kobe Bryant in the NBA finals. Well, yeah, who wouldn’t want to have played Kobe’s Lakers lately in the NBA finals. ‪#‎morerings‬

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2 Comments on “Just say no”

  1. tc Says:

    Breaking news: CC Sabathia is going to legally change his name to AA Sabathia.

  2. Bill Williams Says:

    we called them rubbers in 50’s california too

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