Seat belts on the clown car?

The U.S. will begin screening visa waiver passengers if they have had past travel to anywhere known as a “terrorist safe haven.” So to be safe based on recent history, will that include parts of the southern U.S, and really any state with loose gun laws?

Donald Trump, who claimed that a number of African-American pastors were going to endorse him, now says that “Black Lives Matter” pressured them to drop their endorsement. Well, it’s better for the Donald than admitting either a- “I was lying,” or b -“I was smoking something.”

More Trump -on Islam “There’s something nasty coming out of there.”

Another of those ‪#‎somestatementsdontevenneedapunchline‬ . But have at it friends and readers.  (use comments 🙂

Ben Carson has visited the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and pronounced them “quite nice.” Great, would he like to consider moving there?

Carly Fiorina is claiming the Planned Parenthood shootings are being used to ‘demonize’ the pro-life movement. Uh, oh…..are we approaching round two of “demon sheep” commercials?

900 women are actually running for office this year in Saudi Arabia. Wonder how long it will take authorities to find reasons to arrest 899 of them?

So who figured the Carolina Panthers would be the last undefeated team in the NFL? Now all of you liars put your hands down.

Kobe Bryant says he is retiring after this season. And a lot of Lakers fans are thinking, “why can’t you be like John Boehner and various politicians and step down immediately?

#‎KobeBryant‬ says he’s retiring. Surprising many NBA fans who’ve watched him already stop playing professional basketball.

If we could somehow figure out a way to combine sports gambling with ‪#‎CyberMonday‬ we could seriously explode the internet.


The 3-7 Ravens on Monday Night Football against the 2-8 Browns. So I guess the NFL is complicit in the nationwide plot to have as many Americans spend as much as possible of Cyber Monday online shopping

Amongst their “Cyber Monday” specials Sephora has a boxed collection of 12 different shades of lipstick. So, okay, I’m a girl and I have to wonder, what does one DO with 12 different shades of lipstick?

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One Comment on “Seat belts on the clown car?”

  1. Gary M Says:

    “Sephora has a boxed collection of 12 different shades of lipstick.”

    They didn’t have the resources to go with 50 shades of grey lipstick?

    The Stanford-ND game was the best I’ve seen this year. Lots of offense and drama!

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