Stopping on the hell bus.

There are rumors that the wife of the man who named shooter in San Bernadino was the one of the couple who was “radicalized” and a fan of Isis.  Okay, not denying this, but exactly what is the attraction for a heterosexual woman of 72 virgins in heaven.

Other than maybe never having to deal with housework or childcare again?

And regarding that rumor that the  San Bernadino shooter was radicalized by his foreign-born wife; waiting for Trump to demand a ban on marrying immigrants….


George Zimmerman has been kicked off Twitter after he posted nude pictures of an ex-girlfriend, saying “She cheated on me with a dirty Muslim. (The woman’s phone number.) She’ll sleep with anyone.”
Thinking at this point most of America is REALLY REALLY wishing Trayvon Martin had been armed.

Donald Trump has said this week, “When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself. When they say they don’t care about their lives, you have to take out their families.”
Does that include ALL terrorists? Even the Christian or secular American white men? ‪#‎Justasking‬


Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said he doesn’t think there’s “any question” the ACC should have a team in the CFP.   Even if his team loses to #10 North Carolina.

Well, with all due respect, has there been a coach yet that said, “You know, our conference really sucks, so I can understand if we all end up at lesser bowls?”

What’s more shocking for NFL fans – Aaron Rodgers’ 61-yard Hail Mary pass to win the game against Detroit? Or the fact that the Packers needed a Hail Mary pass to beat the Lions?

How to feel old. When you hear that Scott Weiland, 48, has passed away. And you realize – a, he was younger than you, and b, you had no idea who “Stone Temple Pilots” were.

Although many Dungeness crabs are now testing clean, there is still no word on opening the crab season in California due to toxins still found in some crabs in the Monterey area. This all is evidently due to high water temperatures causing an algae bloom..
Here’s one proposed solution – open the season first on a test basis for those who don’t believe in global warming and/or science.



A FIFA official from Guatemala who was charged with corruption was arrested today as he boarded a Disney cruise ship in Florida. Makes some sense. Maybe federal officials figured, if he could afford a Disney cruise….


In sad times it’s so good to see our nation’s politicians focused on what’s important – the Senate voted Thursday 52-47 to repeal key provisions of Obamacare and strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood. ‪#‎sarcasm‬


And finally on a lighter note.  As if anything Hunter Pence does isn’t adorable

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