Magic moments.

For ‪#‎SFGiants‬ fans, whatever anyone else says, the sports moment of the year had to be Madison Bumgarner coming out out of the cornfields, uh, bullpen, in game 7.

It’s our “patriotic duty’ to see “The Interview?.” And all around Hollywood major studios are wondering, how do we get hacked?


Silver lining thought of the day. Odell Beckham Jr.s’ catch was the play of the year on ESPN. But the catch never would have been noticed had Eli Manning thrown the ball a little better.

Doug Fister may have given everyone a holiday coffee. But the Knicks gave anyone who turned into their game a holiday turkey.



On Christmas Day,  a baby was born on the Philadelphia subway. Out of habit. Eagles fans booed it.

Sacrilegious thought of the day.  If Joseph and Mary had used a better travel agent, the Christmas story might have been very different.

Guess North Korea is more powerful than we thought. They turned a dud of a movie into a hit. ‪#‎theinterview‬

Rice (8-5) beat Fresno State (6-8) in the Hawaii Bowl. Not to say it was all about location but assume that even when the families and friends of players who flew out were asked about the game their answer might have been “there was a game?”


New Orleans LB Curtis Lofton spoke out in favor of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, saying “We all love Rob and we’d run through a wall for him. Forget the wall, Saints fans just wish the team had run through a few more opposing offensive linemen.

From T.C.   “The football coach at U. of Mississippi is proud of his team’s 2.57 GPA.   Which is curiously about the same as Johnny Manziel’s quarterback rating in Cleveland.”


The University of Mississippi football team has a 2.57 GPA.   And in the rest of the SEC, they’re asking their coach “what does. 57 mean?”


From Alex Kaseberg:   “In the beginning of December, former Baltimore Raven and fiancé elevator slugger, Ray Rice, had his suspension lifted and was eligible to be signed by any team. In poetic irony, no team took a shot at Ray. “

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One Comment on “Magic moments.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    I just hacked into Sony Pictures computers and found a movie to be released on Monday. It’s about NFL coaching brothers Rex and Rob called “Saving Ryan’s Privates”.

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