Oldies but goodies?

You know you’re getting older when People Magazine names their ‪#‎SexiestManAlive‬ and your first reaction is “Who?” ‪#‎ChrisHemsworth‬

Cadillac now says they have created their fastest car ever, the 2016 ATS-V is capable of 185 miles per hour, 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. And it can presumably do all this with its left blinker on


A 58 year old West Virginia woman and her husband have five biological children and 29 adopted ones, many with health problems or disabilities She said it’s what they “feel called to do by our faith,” and they may adopt more. And somewhere maybe God is thinking, “hey Duggars, this is how it’s done.”

Tiger Woods is lashing out at a parody interview titled ‘My (Fake) Interview with Tiger” in Golf Digest, saying the piece was “below the belt.” Two things. Tiger should know about “below the belt.”. And is Golf Digest giving him a cut of the extra magazine sales?

United Airlines is trying a pilot program where travelers can use miles for food and drink at Newark Airport. But it’s not a great exchange rate, a cocktail at one bistro is 2,000 miles. Maybe United is banking on the fact that after passengers get off one of their flights, they’ll be thinking they’re in no hurry to fly again, and they’ll pay anything for a drink.

Alabama and Mississippi State didn’t play particularly well in the Tides’ 25-20 win last Saturday. But it was enough to move Alabama to #1 in the College Football Playoff rankings, and only drop MSU to #4. No, the committee isn’t biased. Not one bit.

Ray Sadecki died at the age of 73. The former SF Giants pitcher apparently had a successful 18-year career,. But alas even his obituary leads with being part of one bad trade.


Oakland may not have to worry about losing the Raiders to Texas. San Antonio will probably phone Raiders owner Mark Davis any day now to say. “Sorry, we were in the market for an NFL team.


Delta Airlines has changed their frequent flier program to disallow stopovers on award tickets, and to make open-jaw tickets more “expensive.” Did someone ever tell airlines these are theoretically LOYALTY programs? More like they are aiming to be disloyalty programs.

-Tickets for Cal’s last football game of the season are on sale for 66% off on Groupon. So the Golden Bears couldn’t drum up much excitement for a game one week AFTER the “Big Game” with Stanford. Against BYU. On Thanksgiving weekend…. I’m shocked, shocked.



Convicted mass murderer Charlie Manson, 80 and his 26 year old girlfriend have been granted a marriage license and could marry next month.   Where’s the sanctity of marriage crowd on this one?

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3 Comments on “Oldies but goodies?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Dessert for the Charles Manson wedding reception was purchased at Carrie’s Cake and File Shoppe. … I’m thinking this could be one interesting wedding if “Family” is just invited?

  2. tc in bc Says:

    Since it appears that running back Adrian Peterson won’t be returning to the Vikings anytime soon, they picked up ex Cleveland back Ben Tate off waivers. The coaches said a switch was inevitable.

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