Gooooood Morning, Heaven.

The world is kind of a depressing mess right now – Iraq, the Ukraine, Gaza…. So maybe at some point even God just said “We need the best comedian in the world up here pronto.”


And yes, the news today just sucked.  Robin Williams, dead at 63.  A suicide.   Apparently making millions of people laugh on a regular basis wasn’t enough to keep away his own tears.

Some are already putting Robin Williams’ suicide down to drugs or alcohol. But a very smart psychologist in training I know made a very good point – “The scary thing about going sober when you’re depressed or bipolar. It’s a lot harder to cope with the pain.”


It somehow would be easier to take if Robin Williams’ were an accidental overdose, a single car accident,  some random chance. Because then it would be horrible luck.  Instead of perhaps the funniest man of our time being unable to imagine a reason to smile any longer.


Robin Williams- the Golf skit. This is one of those that it was always hard to watch without laughing so hard you cried. Even harder today. (note, adult language, so be careful playing this at work.)



And now because the show must go on…  Even the little shows.

Rory McIlroy said this weekend that breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki “has been for the better in terms of my golf.” So maybe before he was nervous about being with an athletic woman who might have much better aim with a golf club than Elin Nordegren?

Pitcher Mo’ne Davis who will play in the Little League World Series, throws a 70 MPH fastball. And somewhere Barry Zito is just weeping.

Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson said today is Tiger Woods is still a possibility “It’s really going to have to come from him. I don’t make this comment loosely. He is Tiger Woods and he brings a lot to the team if he has the ability to play and he is healthy. And I would be a fool not to consider him.” Translation. “And if I don’t consider him, I’ll really be on NBC’s sh*t list.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, 71, says that the pictures of him with strippers are five years old, and a “misrepresentation.” “Misrepresentation” how, that Jones is now too old for even strippers to cuddle publicly?

Two Steubenville Ohio football players were convicted last year of raping a 16-year-old girl at a party in August 2012. Now, WR Ma’lik Richmond, is free after serving a one-year sentence in a juvenile facility. And he is back on the high school football team. No joke. Sounds like Richmond is already prepared for big time college football and the NFL..

A Polish couple touring Portugal died this weekend when they fell while trying to take a selfie with their children on top of a cliff. (The kids were not harmed) Sad. But the saddest thing, since they had already reproduced this wasn’t a Darwin Award.

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4 Comments on “Gooooood Morning, Heaven.”

  1. Greg Hunter Says:

    Great takes on Robin Williams, Janice! Maybe it will serve as another wake up call on mental health. My memories will always revolve around Robin’s VO in “Aladdin” Brilliant and funny no matter how many times I watch it…with Good Morning, Vietnam a close second. Well…time to go on air and be sunny and funny…hmmm….

    • Thanks Greg, You know Williams cost Disney a lot of money with that film, because all those ad libs he did meant more animation work. But of course, it was worth it. Saw him live once. Knew he was local, had some mutual friends….. wondered if we’d ever cross path. Poor guy

  2. marc ragovin Says:

    After a recent loss to the Orioles, some members of the Yankees complained that the ump missed strike three on Chris Davis, who then hit the next pitch for a go-ahead home run. “It was a ball,” said umpire Mark Langston

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