CNN now says the pings that have been the focus of the MH370 search for the past seven weeks, are no longer believed to be from the plane’s black boxes. So standby for seven weeks of coverage on the waste of the past seven weeks.



Manhattan men’s basketball coach Steve Masiello has been reinstated, after he completed his bachelor’s degree from Kentucky. Masiello was on unpaid leave after he announced he was leaving to coach South Florida, until it came to light that he hadn’t himself graduated, Who says a college degree isn’t worth anything these days?


A white British woman, 47, who grabbed her 17 year-old mixed-race daughter’s passport by mistake, was able to fly to Alicante for the weekend, and was only stopped by Spanish passport control when she tried to get home. So in fairness was the original British passport officer trying to get a job with TSA?

Queen will release new tracks featuring Freddie Mercury that were just unearthed from the 1980s. Or as the Rolling Stones would say “Only yesterday.”

Michelle Obama is sparring with House Republicans who want to weaken new healthier school lunch standards. Of course these same GOP folks also want to cut healthcare funding for diabetes.

A German newspaper showed a picture from behind when a gust of wind blew Kate Middleton’s skirt up. Reminding Brits again that whatever advantages their former colonies may have, England still has William and Kate, while America has the Kardashians.

Our long California nightmare is over. The #SFPD has apparently manage to find and return Hunter Pence’s scooter.

The Tea Party did very well in the Texas primaries. Are we sure we don’t want the Lone Star state to secede?

Tiger Woods will miss the U.S. Open. So instead of covering the tournament will ESPN show a weekend of past Tiger highlights?

Hayden Panettiere is pregnant. So “Nashville” scriptwriters get to have fun with Juliette Barnes’ next potential bad choice.

From Alex Kaseberg ”  Gwenyth Paltrow compared getting online criticism to being in war. Upon hearing this, Gwenyth’s publicist said;“Remember that whole not talking thing we agreed on? What happened?””



From Bill Littlejohn:  ” Graduating seniors at Ridgewood High in Illinois have been denied their diplomas for tossing their caps in the graduation ceremony. “What’s a graduation ceremony?” asked football players in the SEC”

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One Comment on “Corrections.”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    I’m not saying the Canadiens embellish, but they suffered two cases of whiplash and a dislocated shoulder during the post-game ceremonial handshake

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