Is there a plane or a cruise ship around?

Over 100 people are sick with norovirus at the Royal Hawaiian hotel in Waikiki.    A team of  CNN reporters are no doubt on the way.

Donald Sterling says he will fight being forced to sell the Clippers “until the bloody end.” And millions of Americans just got a reason to pay attention to the NBA.

Our men’s occer team beat Azerbaijan. USA USA USA! Who cares if most Americans are thinking “Who or what is Azerbaijan?”

(Scott Russell “I thought Azerbaijan was a utility infielder on the Houston Astros.”)


The premier of Turks and Caicos says he is open to the possibility of joining Canada. Which would raise the average temperature of the country about 10 degrees.


#50Cent threw a first pitch that was so bad, he’s received an offer to join the #Mets bullpen.



The #SFGiants Tim Hudson, 38, now has an ERA of 1.92, 5 wins and he has gone at least 7 innings in 8 of his 10 starts. Not bad for someone signed perhaps mostly as adult supervision.


Both Serena and Venus WIlliam lost in the second round today. This French Open has seen more quick surrenders than…. oh does this really even need a punchline?

From Alex Kaseberg:  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on their honeymoon in Ireland, to which Ireland said;  “We had the potato famine, haven’t we suffered enough?”


I’m thinking it’s bad enough I heard Ireland offered if the newlyweds would just leave the country would host a Justin Bieber concert.

John Kerry says Edward Snowden should “man up” and come home . But why would Snowden want to tell his case to a judge and jury when he can be a media celebrity speaking from Russia?


Nicole Kidman says she is not “responsible” for the critics panning her new movie “Grace of Monaco,” because she did not have “any control” over how the film turned out. So does that mean she was not responsible in the past when any of her films were successful?



Wonder if Nicole Kidman will also claim she was personally disappointed in “Grace of Monaco” as soon as she saw a first cut of the film, but these days, looking at her face the director couldn’t tell….

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