Is age just an expensive number?

Just thinking, while the NBA owners may say they are upset at Donald Sterling, could any of them have imagined they’d be getting $2 billion offers for their teams?

So Donald Sterling is “mentally incapacitated?” Maybe not so much if he managed to get $2 billion for the L.A. Clippers?

Police evacuated part of LAX after a Stanford political science professor tried to bring a WW2 era grenade through security. Apparently it was his late father’s – but proving again, smart people are not always smart.

The Spurs rolled again last night at home. Makes sense, the San Antonio players are old enough they are really most comfortable near their own Barcaloungers.

The National Spelling Bee has ended in a tie. Was Bud Selig somehow involved?

Much ado in England re photo of wind gust exposing #KateMiddleton‘s bum. But bipartisan US gladness this didn’t happen to Hillary or Bill Clinton.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife just gave $120 million to California public schools. Makes a certain amount of enlightened sense, he wants California kids to learn enough that when they grow up he’ll have people to hire them at Facebook.


As scary as Google’s driver-less cars might be, are they really any scarier than cars with human drivers texting?

The Wonder Years cast had a reunion. These days the biggest wonder for some of them is remembering each other’s names.

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