125 degrees of separation?

FIFA’s president says the Qatar World Cup was a mistake. What was his first clue?

Tara the cat, the internet sensation who saved a little boy from a dog attack, will now throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Bakersfield Blaze minor league baseball game. Hey, don’t laugh. The cat probably has a better chance of throwing a decent pitch than the Mets bullpen.


A NY Mets employee trying to get “Lion King” tickets for Sandy Alderson’s family accidentally sent the GM’s credit card info in a group email to the NY media today. And as far as embarrassment, this episode will still probably be topped this month by something the Mets do on the field.

Former Nixon White House aide, Jeb Magruder, 78, who served timed in prison for Watergate, has died. Before sentencing, Magruder had told the judge he had lost his “ethical compass.” And many of the post-Watergate generations reading that now are thinking -“people in politics HAVE ‘ethical compasses’?”

Barbara Walters said goodbye to “The View.” Friday morning. And most men responded “Barbara Walters was still on TV?”


A lawyer for supermodel Tyler Beckford’s nephew, who allegedly killed a bus driver after stealing a car and speeding through New York City, said murder charges should be dismissed because the 23 year old was too drunk to know what he was doing. What, the defendant couldn’t afford an “affluenza” defense?

Lots of excitement over the hiring of new Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Wonder how long it will be before it’s all his fault.

Video footage has been released of Heisman winner Jameis Winston allegedly shoplifting crab legs. Maybe the footage can serve as an audition for an endorsement contract with Red Lobster?

Thursday, May 15, was “National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.” Which means Friday, May 16 was “The Bleeping Scale Must Be Broken Day.”

Julio Franco, 55, has signed a contract to be the player-coach for the Fort Worth Cats of the United Baseball League. What’s next for the Cats, trying to sign that nice young man, Jamie Moyer?

From Marc Ragovin ” 55-year old Julio Franco has signed with the Fort Worth Cats of the Independent League. At his age it should be the Independent Living League.”


The RNC is selling “I’ll be damned, I’m a Republican” t-shirts. And somewhere Jesus is thinking about his message of tolerance, peace and helping the poor, and thinking “You may be right.”


Mixed reviews on the new Godzilla movie, many centering on weaknesses in the plot. And most monster movie fans are thinking “Plot?”

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One Comment on “125 degrees of separation?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Janice; I think you left out one of the “5s” in julio’s age, making him the doogie howser of baseball

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