Run for the roses.

Kentucky Derby day brings up again the question of whether or not a racehorse is a true professional athlete. They’re young, talented, mostly male, but they do wait until retirement before having lots of out-of-wedlock offspring.


#CaliforniaChrome just gave a lot of red staters another reason to hate California. #KentuckyDerby



Kentucky Derby Day. When enough mint juleps can make any hat look good.


California Chrome’s victory in the Kentucky Derby means that for a couple weeks at least many Californians care about horse racing. Sort of how most Americans cared about the Winter Olympics.

A tour bus belonging to Willie Nelson’s crew is for sale. Presume it’s a vehicle that only takes the high road.


The FAA has decided for safety reasons to reduce the number of departure runways at Chicago O’Hare from 3 to 2. Good thing the airport isn’t very busy.

The surest sign that Obamacare is working? The GOP wants to start another Benghazi investigation.

Amazing story out of Minnesota about the woman who saw a young man slip into a storage locker and called the police because of a “gut feeling.” Turns out he was planning to kill his family and stage a Columbine type massacre. Particularly amazing, the police didn’t dismiss her call as much ado about nothing from a silly woman.

Bud Selig, again tooting his own horn as MLB commissioner, “When I took over in 1992, the gross revenue … was $1.2 billion. This year will be well over $8 billion.” But at least $1 billion of that has to be beer purchases at Yankee Stadium.


A lot of husbands are alive today because they have never referred to their wives as “silly rabbits.”


Anyone but me ready for V. Stiviano’s 15 minutes to be up?

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One Comment on “Run for the roses.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    The NBA wants to punish Donald Sterling by forcing him to sell the Clippers and then use the proceeds to buy The Harlem Globetrotters.
    If they really wanted to punish him, they would make him purchase the Washington Generals.

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