Backwards and forwards.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford tweeted out yesterday to “turn your clocks back,” for daylight saving time this weekend. In Ford’s case it might not be a rhetorical question to ask “What is that man smoking?”

But really, springing forward? More like stumbling forwards.


28 Democrats will have an overnight “talkathon” in the Senate Monday night until 9:00 a.m. Tuesday to draw attention to climate change. Wonder how much electricity it will take to keep the lights on.

“They thought this was a good idea, how?” department: A gun show offered visitors the chance to meet and get an autographed picture from…. George Zimmerman?! You guessed it, Florida.


As awful as this Malaysian Airlines flight story appears to be, doesn’t the story – an aircraft that seems to have disappeared into thin air – seem like a bad made-for-TV movie? Where are Rod Serling or Jack Bauer when we need them?

(Thanks to my friend Jon M. for this setup.)   Tony Romo was at Cameron last night as Duke took on and beat UNC 93-21, and he was cheering for the Blue Devils. Lakers guard Kendall Marshall, a UNC alum tweeted “I understand why nobody likes Romo now.” But hey, had the Dallas QB really made a difference, Duke would have had several passes in the 4th quarter intercepted and turned into scoring plays.

Wichita State will go to the NCAA Tournament 34-0. And probably get a #1 seed. Wonder how many people will put them in their bracket without knowing WHAT state the Shockers are in?

(from my friend Sean “That school obviously is from the great state of Wichita… said any SEC football player.”)


So if I’ve got this right from CPAC, President Obama is the most ineffectual dictator ever.

On the other hand, so the US economy added 175,000 jobs in February. And even the Wall Street Journal said that “bolsters hope the economy will break out of its recent slump as spring arrives.”. Can we blame Obama?.


While the Indiana Pacers, 46-17, won on March 1 and 2, they have now lost 4 in a row. Or as the Philadelphia 76ers call that “a great week.”

Good news for ABC, the NBA game of the week between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers turned out to be more interesting than most people dreamed. Bad news for ABC, most sports fans probably expected the game to be so awful, they didn’t bother to tune in to watch.

Great ad seen today for a mobile pet grooming service “We cater to cowards.”

Reader Bob B. asks  “ESPN Tiger-centric? See the homepage this (Saturday) morning for the line: “In progress: Tiger, others try to tame Doral.”


(Personally I’m wondering, when Woods retires, will the ESPN headline on Saturday be  something like  “Woods runs errands with children, PGA tournament dontinues.”)

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One Comment on “Backwards and forwards.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    A Guyana air traffic controller abandoned his job after his shift when his relief colleague did not show up on time. Planes circled while they rounded up his manager to take over. Guess this guy must have been late for a nap.

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