First love, first hate.

An actual semi-serious post to start:  Well, as serious as sports gets  🙂


First love, first hate. They stick with you. Since 1986 – “You gotta like these kids” – I have been a die-hard SF Giants fan. But my first team growing up as a kid was the Detroit Tigers, my first favorite player, Mickey Lolich. (Had to empathize with the less than glamorous lefty.) Got lucky with a 1968 World Series win. But then 1971, and Lolich’s best year with 25 wins still left him a runner-up to Vida Blue for the Cy Young.   And in 1972, the Oakland A’s knocked the Detroit Tigers out in five games. The first ALCS playoff. Broke my heart. I was 13.


And I haven’t forgiven the A’s since. To the point, that, yes, I admit it, I wasn’t completely unhappy when Kirk Gibson hit that home run off Eck. 1989 didn’t help, but I have “forgiven” other teams who beat the Giants. The Tigers were my first love, the A’s, my first hate. And yes, I rooted for the Giants last year. But felt just a bit guilty.   So, Thursday night made me happy. And even though I was born in Boston, game one of the ALCS made me happy.   And JV and company,  hope you bring a trophy with those little flags back to a city that could really use it.

Now back to less serious stuff, like football:

Clemson  suspended two players for “poor behavior.” And NY Giants fans said “You can do that?”

Lane Kiffin said today his firing was “very difficult.”. And USC fans are thinking “not as difficult as watching the teams you coached.”

Texas wins big over Oklahoma in the “Save Mack Brown’s Job Bowl.”

From my friend Karen T.   “Dear Jackass ESPN Announcer Calling the Michigan v Penn State Game: Jerry Sandusky was not involved in a “sex scandal”. Jerry Sandusky is a pedophile and a serial child molester.  Yes, there IS a difference and yes, it DOES matter.

Stanford lost 27-21 today.    And a near comeback fell short when a 3rd and 2 at the 6 with a minute left resulted into calls for two incomplete passes.   Is it a rule that a #Stanford football coach must have a brain cramp once a season?   

In the misery loves company department, Stanford fans might have some sympathy for Michigan. Up a touchdown with 30 seconds left, the Wolverines lost 43-40 in 4 OTS. After missing 3 of 4 FGs that could have won the game in the first 3 OTS.

In a recent poll, 22% of Americans admitted to not knowing which party their current member of Congress belongs to. Of course, the harder question might have been “Name your member of Congress.”

(And has my friend David mentioned, how many think they know and are wrong?)

Okay, if we HAVE to pay Congress during the shutdown, can we at least fine them for each day it goes on…. say an amount exactly equal to that day’s pay?

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2 Comments on “First love, first hate.”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    A lot of people are offended that there is a football team called the Redskins. And even more people are offended that the Giants call themselves a football team.

  2. marc ragovin Says:

    I guess you can say that the Red Sox won game two of the ALCS by the hair of their chinny chin chins

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