Oh Mother.

Across America, many people took their moms to baseball games to celebrate Mother’s Day. Except maybe at Citi Field, where Mets fans figured their moms had already suffered enough.

In San Francisco “good Timmy” Lincecum walks off the mound after 111 pitches and 7 shutout innings. To the relieved applause of 40,000 fans who were afraid that “bad Timmy” would have ruined their Mother’s Day.

Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia bicker so much, are we sure they didn’t used to be married to each other?

“The Great Gatsby” is the number one selling paperback book this week in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wonder how many buyers were impressed by the speed with which they made a book out of the movie?

Can’t imagine how lefties get a reputation for being weird. Tampa Bay pitcher Matt Moore’s safety solution: Baseballs would have sensors, and “if it comes close to the other sensor in the pitcher’s hat, the ball just blows up.”

Good news for NBC, Seth Meyers is going to take over as ‘Late Night’ host. Bad news for NBC, there went one of the last reasons to watch SNL.

Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3 are #2 and #1 at the box office this weekend respectively. Makes sense, the first is the choice to “take Mom to the movies” second is “take the kids and get out of here so Mom can have some peace.”

#BarbaraWalters. 83, says she will retire next year. Responded Larry King “So young?”

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young has been arrested in California for the THIRD time in a week. Even Lindsay Lohan is thinking “dude is out of control.”

(And somewhere Young is thinking, how do I get Lindsay’s lawyer?  Or judge?)

How bad have the Angels & White Sox been in 2013?    Many fans were  actually disappointed that #ESPN’s Sunday night game isn’t #Yankees #RedSox


So some in the GOP are talking impeachment, and Mike Huckabee is saying Benghazi is more serious that Watergate “because four Americans did in fact die. Okay, then what about those nonexistent WMDs? How many Americans have died from going into Iraq…?

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2 Comments on “Oh Mother.”

  1. tc Says:

    Tiger beat Sergio Garcia to win The Players tournament. (some jokes write themselves)

  2. tc Says:

    Tiger beat Sergio Garcia to win The Players tournament. Garcia hit 2 balls in the water at the famous #17 island green at TPC Sawgrass. Sergio said his inner demons got the best of him, when he thought he saw Tiger in the group in front of him walk across the water to the green.

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