Only two days left until Super Bowl Sunday. Then most Americans can get back to our regular winter sports pastimes – ignoring the regular seasons for the NBA and NHL, and counting the days until March Madness and MLB Opening Day.

The NY Post is reporting that Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino had a “love child” with a CBS employee in 2005. Just goes to show what can happen when you let heterosexual men play football.

January 31 was Jackie Robinson’s birthday. And before Robinson joined the Dodgers, many thought a black man’s presence in the clubhouse would be as disruptive for his fellow teammates as some still think a openly gay man’s presence would be today.

And wow, Randy Moss actually said something intelligent Thursday  morning. On having a gay teammate: “It’s not 1979 anymore, it’s 2013. We should accept everyone.” (Quote from my friend Art Spander.)

Meanwhile the 49ers’ Chris Culliver now says his anti-gay remarks were “in a joking manner.”  Culliver went to University of South Carolina.  Guess you can take the man out of the SEC….

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed said today that the NFL is fining players for the wrong things. Wonder how long it will take the league to fine him for saying that. reports Dutch airline Transavia is investigating a copilot who fell asleep in the cockpit when the pilot took a bathroom break. The article says “Laws regarding pilot breaks during flights vary from country to country. For U.S. carriers, sleeping while at the controls is a violation of FAA regulations.” Uh, could we get a list of countries where it’s NOT a violation?

New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez’s office said unsubstantiated allegations that the senator engaged in sex with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic are false. Wonder what that means about prostitutes outside of the Dominican Republic.

Sources say Alex Rodriguez is unlikely to play again in a New York Yankees uniform. “What a shame” said absolutely no Yankees fans.

While her crew and band will be paid, Beyonce herself apparently will not receive payment for her Super Bowl performance. But the NFL and Pepsi will pick up production costs. Wonder if that includes the costs of pre-recording a tape?

From T.C.  “Beyonce is rehearsing the Super Bowl half time show by practising lip syncing both her own and Madonna’s songs. Just in case a malfunction plays last year’s soundtrack.”


Phil Mickelson shot a 60 today, in a golf tournament called “Waste Management Phoenix Open.” “The Waste Management Open?” That’s almost as good as the late-lamented Poulan Weed Eater Bowl.


On a serious note, for this statement today alone I’d like to see Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense: “Our war in Iraq I think was the most fundamentally bad, dangerous decision since Vietnam.”.

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One Comment on “Countdown.”

  1. GaryM Says:

    “Meanwhile the 49ers’ Chris Culliver now says his anti-gay remarks were “in a joking manner.” Culliver went to University of South Carolina…”

    He may have gone to USC, but (I surmise), not often.

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