Age and treachery….


It’s been a great week for Joe Paterno. Not only did he become the first Division 1 NCAA college football coach to win 400 games, he got to see that “nice young man” become governor of California again.

During a press conference after his 400th coaching victory, Penn State’s Joe Paterno, 83, said “People ask me why I stuck around so long.” and gestured to the fans. Well, the fans plus the fact Paterno doesn’t remember his way home anyway.

This morning America turned the clock back one hour. Big deal, in California’s gubernatorial election, we turned the clock back thirty years

So after the most recent elections, California’s senators will be Barbara Boxer, who turns 70 on November 11, and Dianne Feinstein, age 77.  And governor-elect Jerry Brown is age 72. 

Or as John McCain says, “Nice young people, but in these tough times, do they have enough maturity and experience?

Michigan 67 – Illinois 65.  Somewhere Bo Schembechler is rolling over in his grave. (for anyone who doesn’t remember Bo, he was a major practitioner of the “three-yards and a cloud of dust” offense. 20 points would have been a offensive explosion.)

During that Michigan-Illinois game, it was 59-59 before the third overtime.  And the the ESPN announcer said that fatigue was becoming a factor, especially for the defenses. How could the defenses be tired? They hadn’t done anything.

Silly World Series commemorative of the night.  Bradford Exchange is selling a $199.00 carousel music box featuring A T and Park, the World Series trophy, and the Giants logo.  The box plays “Take me out of the ballgame.” 

You’d think they would at least have the option of “Don’t Stop Believing.”

It’s five days after the last game of the World Series, so we have reached the period of time in which free agents are able to negotiate with any club. Or as the Yankees call it – “shopping season.” 

Go figure this one. After Arizona had an impressive no-huddle one minute drive to get back in the game against Stanford late in the third, the Wildcats got the ball back with about 12 minutes in the fourth quarter.

Arizona then not only then ran a slow drive with a lot of running plays to get to within 18 points,  the Wildcats didn’t go for an onside kick with nine minutes left in the game.

Maybe they thought the game had five quarters?

From Bill Littlejohn,  after a collision during a Wisconsin high school cross-country meet between a deer and a sophomore named Sarah Glidden: “The deer was listed as a Jane Doe.’’ . .  

For anyone who still cares about one-time ‘Bachelor’ fiancee Vienna Girardi, she hosted the Chippendales’ Ultimate Girls Night Out in Las Vegas Friday night.

And this is the woman who broke up with Jake because he was a “publicity whore?

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2 Comments on “Age and treachery….”

  1. Augie Says:

    Can Papa Joe actually see thru those coke bottles?

    We did turn the clock back 30 years in California, but just think how time flys on a moonbeam trail.

    That may have been Woody Hayes on the “cloud of dust” offense. His answer for why he didn’t pass more was, “three things can happen, and two of them are bad. You can catch it, drop it or get intercepted, so why do it?” And the “four yards and a cloud of dust” was before astroturf, but somehow four yards and a could of asbestos doesn’t have a ring to it.

    For a truly commemorative World Series item, check out what the Postal Service puts out. Matted souvenir envelopes of the teams with the city and zip code of the winning team. For collectors, the postmark is the thing. And a lot cheaper.

    Gotta hand it to the newyawkers when it comes to selling memorabilia though. I was in NYC in Nov 2009 and just about every street vendor had some pretty good knock-offs under the table. One guy named Vinnie, really, looked both ways when I asked for something, reached under the table, put the item in a bag before he brought it out and said, “daddle be 5 bucks. yuse didn’t get it here, ya hear?”

  2. tc Says:

    what are Giant’s fans doing to gear down from the apres-parties?

    Well, how about a nice e(le)quine(t)event such as the Breeder’s Cup. Friday nihgt I was watching the thoroughbreds racing, when all of a sudden, a hockey game broke out. I mean, these guys just dropped their whips and started slugging away. Maybe the SJ Sharks could pick em up while Thornton’s serving his suspension.

    Good thing Borel didn’t connect or it would have become the first time they had to give Lasix to a jockey. Javier Castellano would’ve given new meaning to the term “Bleeders Cup”.

    Augie: never buy from vendors named Vinnie in newyawk. Stick to Dominic or Junior.

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