Another #1 bites the dust….

Ohio State lasted all of one week at number one before they were knocked off 31-18 by the Wisconsin Badgers.


Texas 7, New York 2.  Texas’s bullpen held on. But as the game headed to the eighth, Rangers fans had to be united in one thought…. any chance Nolan Ryan might be available??

Friday night, however, with a 5-0 lead over the Yankees in game one of the ALCS, Texas fans were hoping for a historic evening . As it turned out, historic, yes, kind of like the Alamo.

According to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, a league official is expected to meet with Brett Favre this week. The league is apparently taking seriously the  allegations that Favre  sent “sext”messages to a reporter when he was with the Jets.

The details will be worked out once the league and Brett can work out a mutually agreeable time between his regular nap and the “Early Bird special.”

Okay,even if Tim Lincecum never wins another post-season game (unlikely), he might win the award for best respond to playoff heckling.  After receiving a game’s worth of wolf-whistles and cat-calls for his long hair, Lincecum’ s response was “I must have a really nice butt.”

The San Jose Sharks, despite an early 2-0 lead, lost their home opener to the Atlanta Thrashers 4-2. On a brighter note, fans know that despite it being October, the Sharks are already in playoff form.

The FDA has approved Botox to treat headaches. Including perhaps the headaches caused by not being able to move your face?
Actually, upon further reflection, Botox for headaches,huh?  How many men will be asking Santa for a combination gift of Botox and Viagra this Christmas?
From TC:: “Incredible,” exclaimed the first guy out of the Chilean mine. “Why?” asked a reporter, “because you have finally been rescued?” No, the miner replied, “That the Maple Leafs are undefeated and in first place!” .
(for all non-hockey fans, yes, the Leafs are 4-0, and to put this in U.S. sports perspective for “Leafs” substitute Detroit Lions.  Except that the Lions are not in first place.)
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife apparently have decided to name their new baby boy  something that starts with “B”,  and Brees has asked fans to help by making suggestions  that are “unusual.”
No word on the winning name, but it’s a pretty sure bet what the kid will someday be calling his dad for coming up with the idea:  Bozo.
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2 Comments on “Another #1 bites the dust….”

  1. bill williams Says:

    Why should someone lose their job for talking sexy to a reporter?

  2. Gary Morton Says:

    A Manhattan woman has been granted permission by a NY judge to harvest the sperm from her late husband, who committed suicide earlier this week. For him, that’s really coming back from the dead.

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