Special delivery?

A 32 year old Kentucky woman , who says she didn’t know she was pregnant, successfully delivered her own baby in her laundry room today. Then the new mom even picked her other son up from school before she went with the baby to the hospital.

No, we don’t need sex education in school. Why?

With “the Hurt Locker,” Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman director to win an Academy Award. This might also be the first time, in speaking of the Iraq War, that we can really talk about a mission accomplished.

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Toronto Raptors 109-107 to end a week that featured a three game losing streak. Thereby relieving all their fans who forgot that for the Lakers, the regular season is the equivalent of spring training.

But how spoiled are Laker fans? Had the losing streak continued a few more games, Kobe Bryant was thinking he would have to buy them all jewelry.

A Canadian reporter decided to follow up on the thrilling gold medal hockey game by calling random Americans and asking if they were now watching more NHL games. About 10 percent said “yes”, 10 percent said “no,” and 80 percent said “What’s the NHL?”

The Washington Wizards, 21-38, are having such a hard time attracting fans that they have joined with Dunkin Donuts shops in the DC area for an amazing new promotion: Buy five cups of coffee and you get two free Wizards tickets. Even better, when you buy that much coffee, you’ll be peeing enough that you won’t have to see most of the game.

Starbucks has decided not to get involved in the “Open Carry” debate, and thus will not ban customers lawfully bringing guns into their stores. In the meantime, the chain has introducted a new larger sized 31 ounce coffee called the “Trenta. Weapons and triple expressos? What could possibly go wrong?

Many Californians still find it unbelievable that Ray Ashburn not only voted against gay rights but is still defending those votes, even after admitting he is a gay man. But on the other hand, I believe Phyllis Schlafly has admitted she is a woman.

Another thought on Ray Ashburn being a gay man and voting against gay rights? Maybe he was following the lead of Robert Ensign and Mark Sanford who both supported DOMA? (Defense of Marriage Act)

Recent polls show a surprising number of New Yorkers want embattled governor David Paterson not to resign but to finish his term. Of course, most of those supporters are aspiring comedy writers.

Vladimir Guerrero, playing now for the Texas Rangers when the Angels declined to re-sign him, says he feels he is still a productive player. And I believe him. Because if Vlad was on an unstoppable downhill slide he would have finally been signed by the SF Giants.

Great Benjamin Franklin quote found by my friend Ray Di Fazio. “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” Which means that the hardest working woman in America is probably Sarah Palin.”

Elinor Burker, who interrupted her fellow director’s Oscar acceptance speech Sunday night now, says SHE was the one who was wronged because he should have let her do all the talking.

Even Kanye West says she is over the top.

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