The Hurt Locker and beyond….

This year’s best picture winner, “The Hurt Locker” took in only $14 million at the box office. Which I think might be less than taking your family to a game in seats behind home plate at Yankee Stadium.

“The Hurt Locker” took in only $14 million at the box office. Which could mean that more people voted for the movie than actually saw it.

In an effort to increase box-office receipts, there’s a rumor a sequel to the movie may feature some of the original cast along with Barbra Streisand and Robert De Niro – working title “The Hurt Fockers.”

While giving a speech in Calgary, Sarah Palin said that when she was growing up – “We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn’t that ironic?” “Ironic?” Not so much. “Hypocritical as hell?” Yes.

ABC and Cablevision settled their disagreement 13 minutes into the Oscars, meaning that Cablevision users got to see almost all the awards show, except for the opening song and dance number, and Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin’s monologue.

But after some discussion, Cablevision decided not to charge customers extra for the omission.

In related news, fans in the greater New York area have asked that any future disputes Cablevision has end up being resolved in a way that blacks out the Knicks.

The Hurt Locker” may have won best picture. In Chicago, however, most people still probably think the title refers to the clubhouse space that gets punched by Ozzie Guillen during his regular tantrums.

Not to be confused with the space that used to belong to Frank Thomas – “The Big Hurt Locker.”

Republican California State Senator Roy Ashburn was arrested for a DUI Saturday after leaving a Sacramento gay bar with a male companion. Ashburn then actually came out Monday and admitted he was gay.

The senator did say, however, that he felt his anti-gay votes had been appropriate, because they simply “reflected his constituents’ wishes.” Yo Roy, your constituents also have wished for increased state services that they didn’t have to pay for with state taxes… Hmm, maybe I’m seeing how California got in this budget mess.

After his admission, Ashburn declined to discuss details of his personal life or his previous votes. You almost expected to hear him say “Well, that was in the past.”

As much as I would like to on this subject I will refrain from making a joke with the punchline… “But he claims he didn’t inhale.”

United Airlines says last month’s winter storms along the East Coast cost it $40 million in revenue. You know what that means – coming soon to your next airline ticket purchase – a “snow surcharge.”

Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner seem to be stopping at nothing in their quest to re-invent themselves as born-again Conservatives to appeal as much as possible to Republican primary voters. Well, at least Californians know that neither of them will attempt to court conservatives by driving on a Nascar track. At this point, both of them seem categorically unable even to hint at turning to the left.

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2 Comments on “The Hurt Locker and beyond….”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    New York Representative Eric Massa says he is leaving Congress in part because a naked Rahm Emanuel confronted him in the House gym to demand he vote for health care reform. Only Congress? I’m suprised he’s not leaving the country

  2. left coast sports babe Says:

    This is terribly politically incorrect but just how many different excuses for his departure does the man have. I believe the proper un-pc response is a rolling of the eyes and the comment “Yes, massa.”

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