Beyond “plausibly live.”

It’s hard to remember that it wasn’t that many Olympics ago that NBC coined the quaint term “plausibly live.” This year they aren’t even pretending.

“Plausibly live” actually might be a good term for the NBC’s regular season prime-time lineup.

You know there’s something wrong with television networks when “American Idol” is less tape delayed than the Winter Olympics.

Republicans are furious with new Senator Scott Brown. He campaigned as an “independent thinker.” And he had the audacity to actually vote like one..

Some Republicans are maybe just a little over-the-top upset at Scott Brown for voting “yes” on the jobs bill. In fact, rumor has it that Sarah Palin referred to his decision as “f**king retarded”.

Sarah Palin will be one of the first guests on the Tonight Show once Jay Leno returns after the Olympics. Leno is pulling out all the stops to make her feel welcome, apparently her dressing room will contain a personalized set of Magic Markers

A Kansas City Royals fan who was hit in the eye with a flying hot dog thrown by a team mascot during a game is suing the club for more than $25,000. The Royals are hoping both to settle the case, and to sign the mascot to a long-term contract. He could be the hardest thrower on the staff.

The NCAA has notified the University of Michigan that their football program is under investigation. But the University and coach Rich Rodriguez are not worried. With an 8-16 record over the last two seasons, it’s not like they’re going to be hurt by post-season probation.

Disgrunted Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, still angry over not receiving a gold medal in Vancouver, has now awarded himself a “platinum” medal on his website. Even Ann Coulter is saying “that man is delusional.”

And think Canada might be getting over their hockey loss?

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One Comment on “Beyond “plausibly live.””

  1. Ben Burnett Says:

    Janice, the girl with the health care sign on cardboard reminds me of kids arguing…..”you stink…ya….your mom stinks….yah well your….”

    We managed to slip by that hockey “powerhouse” Germany last night, Ovechkin tonite….I dunno….

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