Bye weeks.. ….

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder was actually cheered Monday. It was at an event for the Redskins’ charitable foundation that helps renovate high school fields, which was attended by students and parents. Finally, a group that appreciates the Redskins’ level of football.

The Oakland Raiders have a bye week. Finally some good news for their fans.

It’s the first week of the season where JaMarcus Russell can safely predict he won’t throw a single interception.

The Oakland Raiders fired Lane Kiffin last year during their bye week. Now during their 2009 bye, coach Tom Cable is on the hot seat following more assault allegations. If Oakland fires him in the next few days we may have to start referring to it as a “Bye Bye Week.”

Jon Gosselin says now of his bad recent public behavior that he “lost his moral compass.” Surprising many Americans who didn’t realize he had one.

Not to say that the Phillies bullpen has been shaky in the last three games of the World Series. But they’ve collectively been named honorary Mets.

David Beckham will now still play part-time for the L.A Galaxy, and but be “loaned” part-time to AC Milan. All so he can win a World Cup Championship with England. Interesting concept, if it works, whatever happens in the Series, the Yankees may be interested in a 2010 part-time loan for Chase Utley.

Kobe Bryant played tonight for the Lakers against the Thunder despite flu like symptoms. Apparently neither team was worried about H1N1 – figuring, it’s Kobe, he never passes on anything.

All the talk about “referendums” with these elections this week in Virginia, New Jersey and New York. Yes, I suppose they could be taken as referendums on President Obama or Sarah Palin. They also could be considered voters making a simple choice as to which candidate they disliked the least.

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