If 48 is old…

 Apparently British singing sensation Susan Boyle may appear on “American’s Got Talent.” 

Judge Piers Morgan said she absolutely would appear “If she’s up for it and she is well enough.”   He added, ” She still gets a bit tired sometimes, but she is 48.”

Well, heck, would hate to put an older person under that kind of stress.  Good thing that until August 4, 2009,  Barack Obama is 47.

For the San Francisco Giants, Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Randy Johnson are a combined 21-7.  The rest of the pitching staff are 13 -23.    Which means the team’s slogan could be “Tim, Matt and Randy, then have vodka handy.”

Sammy Sosa became the latest player whose name was leaked as testing positive for steroids.   In an ESPN poll, two percent of respondents said they were shocked. Didn’t know that many people lived on the North Side of Chicago.

Actually, Sammy Sosa’s first home run of his career was off Roger Clemens.  So while the purists rewrite the record books, here’s a question – Do two asterisks cancel each other out? 

And if a “clean” hitter had a home run against a juiced pitcher, should it count double?  Ditto should a “clean” pitcher get extra credit for striking out a juiced hitter?    The mind boggles.

Apparently some company has made a new solar powered vibrator.  Will their motto be “shine and rise?”

The latest controversy surrounding Nayda Suleman, that the website photographers she is using have not obtained the proper child labor permits.    Yeah, what’s wrong with this picture?  The state requires permits to video the octuplets, but not to have them in the first place.


British Airways has made a suggestion to employees:  To help the airline through a difficult time, work for up to a month without pay.  Coming soon to a drink cart near you – the flight attendant tip jar.

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