Tiger’s not leading this post.

Actually the first thoughts today for your potential amusement are from the travel world.   My day job is as a travel agent, and well, sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.

It started with a phone call to Hertz Rent A Car’s international travel agent desk, to book a car from Tours, France – at the TGV station – to drop off at a Paris airport.  Note, this was NOT their general domestic phone number.

This is an unedited conversation:
“Where does he want to pick up the car?”

“At the TGV station in Tours”


“Tours, yes, T-O-U-R-S.”

“Is that in Paris?”

I told this story to a client who was born in Paris, and she topped me with three questions she has heard this year.

“Is France the capital of Paris?”  (and no, it wasn’t a just a transposition of words, the questioner meant it.)

“Oh, you’re French.  Do you speak French?”

“Do they use credit cards in France?”

And now to Tiger.  It’s day two of the Masters and most of the headlines for the last two days  are in the vein of   “Tiger five strokes back after round one.”  “Tiger is seven strokes back.”    Any more questions as to who is the might be the  most dominating major athlete in the Western  world?

Arizona State University is reconsidering its decision not to give an honorary degree to President Barack Obama. But really, what’s more embarrassing… ASU not giving an honorary degree to Obama, or Yale giving one to George W . Bush?

(yes, they did….in addition to the one he “earned” in 1968.)


A Florida high school baseball team apparently bought, killed and buried a snake on their field in an effort to stop their losing streak.   Let’s hope that the team’s losing ways continue, or there won’t be a safe serpent in Chicago.

But okay, all you sports fans still trying to get over the end of March Madness.  For the pool as to who would be the last undefeated major league baseball team, who had the Florida Marlins?

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