Slow learners award winner: South African Airways..

For the second time in a MONTH, the entire crew of a South African Airways plane has been arrested for trying to smuggle cocaine into Heathrow. Yes, pilots and flight attendants.

Maybe this is how they have achieved all those on-time and fast service ratings…

An anonymous contributor to IOL, a South Africa website, suggested that the new South African Airways (SAA) slogan be “We fly you higher.”

But let’s see, you know you have been caught before, you know you are under investigation, and you still try to get away with something? Wonder how long before SAA introduces their new corporate spokesman – Rod Blagojevich?

Alex Rodriguez plans to bring an entourage to his press conference Tuesday about steroids, including one of the lawyers who represented Sammy Sosa. Without knowing their strategy in advance I can only expect the lawyer is working on having A-Rod learn more Spanish, and forget more English.

Cynical thought: A-Rod expects to have many of his Yankees teammates at the press conference. Supposedly for support. But more likely because his teammates feel Rodriguez willl be less likely to throw them under the bus if they are present…

Another cynical thought. As the Feds prepare their perjury case against Barry Bonds, one detail that has emerged is that they sent a pregnant FBI agent to work out regularly with Bonds’ trainer’s wife in hopes of getting her to spill the beans on Barry’s alleged steroid use.

Apparently they didn’t get anything useful out of the attempted sting, but you have to wonder….if the Feds spent half as much energy investigating the stock market as they did Bonds, our country might be in slightly better shape now.

Newly appointed New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand has announced she is no longer keeping guns under her bed in case she is surprised by someone sneaking in at night. Fortunately, her predecessor never adopted the same habit. We could have lost Bill.

Scary thought, somewhere in this country Nadya Suleman might be telling some fertility doctor, “I really need in-vitro, I only have 14 kids…”

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