He’s just not that into you…

Shouldn’t someone tell the Dodgers that about Manny Ramirez?

(Who has just turned down his third contract offer from the team, this last for $25 million for a year.)

Question of the night. So how come not paying taxes disqualifies you from being Secretary of Health and Human Services, but it doesn’t disqualify you from being Secretary of the Treasury?

Wonder if this means Geithner might have been disqualifed if he cheated on his medical insurance?

And if I could draw, I would post an editorial cartoon. Two kids with a lemonade stand, Two money jars on the stand, one labelled “For lemonade”, the other labelled “For the IRS.” And the caption of one kid saying “Well, I do plan to run for office someday.”

300,000 people showed up for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ victory parade Monday. Which is about as many as will show up to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates. For the season.

A sheriff in South Carolina is thinking of charging Michael Phelps after simply seeing the picture of him using a bong in a British newspaper. Teenagers and college students all over the state are hoping no one ever shows the sheriff how to use Facebook.

Bud Selig made over $17 million as commissioner of baseball last year, more than all but three Yankees players – Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Though to be fair, unlike those players, Selig actually had to work in October.

Maybe this explains why Selig never pushed for a salary cap – the Yankees are the only team with employees standing between him and allegations of excessive CEO compensation.

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