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Presidential jokes?

February 26, 2009

My very funny friend Alex Kaseberg’s daughter has a book of Presidential jokes throughout history. The number one joke – George W. Bush.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, in his rebuttal to President Obama’s speech, decried the “volcano monitoring” money in the stimulus package. Can we officially declare him the governor least likely to be invited for a vacation by the Hawaiian tourism bureau?

Jindal was also criticized for his not-very-flattering suit. But to be fair, the Republican National Committee spent all their clothing budget on Sarah Palin.

Obama’s and Jindal’s speeches did bring hope to the beleaguered clothing industry. Women saw Michelle Obama and wanted to shop to dress like her. And men saw Bobby Jindal and wanted to shop so they wouldn’t be dressing like him

Actually, Jindal supposedly renamed himself Bobby as a child, after Bobby Brady on the Brady Bunch. His real name is Piyush. Although many Republicans privately rated his performance as P.U.

With the Wizards firmly ensconced in the NBA’s Eastern Conference basement, and the Nationals’ General Manager Jim Bowden involved in a scouting scandal before the season even starts, at least there’s some good news for Barack Obama. Even with a few more tax problems and mistakes, he won’t have the most embarrassing team in Washington.

And Michelle Obama has announced the first family will be getting a Portuguese Water Dog in April. So this means Obama has already delivered on one campaign promise.

With the global recession, and some purses on the European golfing tour already scaled back, Greg Norman thinks that PGA prize money in America should be reduced too. But while the country is talking stimulus packages, how about this solution, part of the top prizes changed to debit cards, that must be spent within the next six months in the U.S.? (Tiger Woods could single handedly jump start the baby clothing and accessories markets.)