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Bill Clinton rescues the journalists….

August 4, 2009

North Korea has pardoned the two U.S. journalists. Proving once again, there is no one better than Bill Clinton if the objective is going after two women.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have been involved in the decision to send her husband to North Korea. Can you imagine that conversation. “So let me get this straight, you want me to go over there and see if I can pick up two girls?”

A recent survey in China shows that that prostitutes are more trusted than government officials. Should anyone be surprised, at least prostitutes provide value for money when they screw the public.

The Packers will not rule out interest in Michael Vick. Makes sense, in Green Bay the bar has been raised on embarrassing quarterbacks.

Paula Abdul announced she won’t return to American Idol. Apparently since both Kara Dioguardi and Ryan Seacrest have signed, Paula has decided she can no longer take being the third prettiest on the show.

Paula Abdul announced her decision in a Tweet. Give Paula credit for figuring out Twitter. It takes some work to be rambling and incoherent in only 140 characters.

The San Francisco Giants have a 37-16 home record but are only 22-32 in away games. Which means they look great at home, but are a real mess on the road. The team may not make the playoffs, but they have an offer to throw out a first pitch from Governor Sanford.