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A village is missing their Christmas sweaters?

January 26, 2014


Although looking at these Olympic uniforms, methinks that makers of Olympic sweaters are upset by the comparison.

But maybe to make these sweaters good it won’t take a village, it will take a gallon of spiked eggnog?

The NHL had their first outdoor game in California Saturday night at Dodger Stadium. Guess the wimps couldn’t handle a real cold weather venue like Candlestick Park.

New U.S. catchphrase? “Cover me, I’m going to the mall?”

Tiger Woods missed the secondary cut at this weekend’s tournament at Torrey Pines.  Which means at least a few hundred more casual American sports fans will be forced to watch the NFL Pro Bowl.

Two young women at Tulane who knew they had a lot in common just discovered they had the same sperm donor father, and are thrilled to be half-sisters. Good thing this happened to two friends and not a couple who was dating.

A new report says that all Fruit Loop flavors, regardless of color, are the same. You mean I grew up saving the red ones to the end for nothing?

French President Francois Hollande today announced “I wish to make it known that I have ended my shared life with Valerie Trierweiler.” Not sure if he will bring his actress lover on his official visit to the U.S. in February, but this does potentially liven up the White House State Dinner.

A California teacher has been arrested for bringing food laced with marijuana to an after-school party with other teachers. Waiting for her to find a lawyer to defend her claiming, “Well, it was a POT-luck.”