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What’s not in a name?

May 31, 2014

The “American Family Association,” an anti-gay “Christian” group, wants members to make they don’t accept anything with Harvey Milk stamps, as they don’t want Harvey Milk’s name on their mail. And somewhere Jesus is thinking “how do I get my name “Christian” off this group?”

A US Airways cross country fight had to make an unscheduled landing when a service dog pooped twice in the.aisle It was the worst smell most passengers could remember since the days of free meals in coach.

Not only could most Americans not be able to match the Scripps Spelling Bee champions Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe, most of us couldn’t even spell their names.

If it’s true that Phil Mickelson is guilty of insider trading even Martha Stewart will be thinking “How could you be so stupid?”

Boston Red Sox are undefeated when using four managers.

From Alex Kaseberg.  “The hockey playoffs are great, the Preakness created a Triple Crown contender, and Kyle Busch is tearing up NASCAR. Greatest time for really white people in sports since the Polka Band showed up at the Curling venue at the Sochi games.”
(And Tiger Woods just withdrew from the U.S. Open?  Coincidence?)
An NFL official just said the “Redskins name is not a slur.” But presume if pressed he’d have to admit the way the Redskins have been playing is a slur.


Some Republicans are upset that President Obama interrupted “The Price is Right.” Why do I get the sense few in the GOP would notice if he interrupted “Jeopardy?”


Malia Obama has attended her first prom. Where she was no doubt the young woman least likely to be harassed by her date.

Cleveland offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan says so far that Johnny Manziel reminds him of Robert Griffin III. That may be what some Browns fans are afraid of….


David Ortiz, angry at David Price hitting him last night with a pitch, now says “It’s a war.” And ESPN executives are looking to see what Red Sox-Rays games they can add to their prime-time schedule.