Swept away

Congratulations to Western Conference Champion Denver Nuggets, dominant throughout the regular season and clearly the better team against the Lakers.

Now ESPN has 9 days before the NBA finals start to convince themselves (and their potential TV audience) that the Nuggets are much more interesting than they have been portrayed all season.

Tom Brady has reaches agreement to buy ownership stake in the Las Vegas Raiders.

Wonder how many long time Raiders fans are thinking “Tuck him?

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Dodgers have recanted their disinviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from Pride Night.

Thinking the Sisters will come out of this looking better than Dodgers.

But that statement “after much thoughtful feedback…we would like to offer our sincerest apologies”

Translation, LA figured they’d lose fewer fans supporting LGBTQ people and a group that does a LOT of charitable good words, than kowtowing to Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

And in Florida, DeSantis has basically now gotten rid of ALL Diversity, Equity and Inclusive programs at public universities, given police the authority to stop anyone they suspect of being undocumented, supported “stand your ground, ” and basically banned most abortions.

How long until this has a serious effect on college applications? Can’t imagine any mom of a child of color wanting to send her child to the state. And it’s also got to be terrifying for women of any race.

Let’s get down to the real issue: Republicans don’t want American children to read. They’re afraid kids will learn things.

South Carolina is a definitely red state now.

And overall as a state it’s is ranked #42.

#46 in crime #42 in education #36 in healthcare. And two of South Carolina’s Republican leaders think their records mean they should be President?

But Tim Scott “I am living proof that American is the land of opportunity and not a land of oppression.” Uh, has he looked at his own party’s mission statement lately? As Tim’s Senate colleague Warnock said… “Some people don’t want some people to vote.”

One thing I’d like to ask Tim Scott and any of the other GOP Presidential contenders for 2024. How can you expect us to think you’ll stand up to “all our enemies foreign and domestic” if you can’t even stand up to Donald Trump?

Ted Cruz said Martin Luther King Jr. would be ‘ashamed’ of the NAACP’s Florida travel warning. While I abhor violence admit I probably wouldn’t be too upset if Will Smith threw a punch at Ted while saying “take Martin Luther King Jr’s name out of your bleeping mouth.”

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